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Safety 1st
Safety 1st PlaySafe High Chair

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Playsafe high chair is a good economical highchair


This highchair is a great one for the money.  I bought it 2 years ago for my grandaughter.  When she was younger it was great because it reclines and you can adjust the height.  Now that she is older I love being able to slide the chair up to the table and still have the "snack tray" in front of her so she can't accidentally slide out.  I really like the snap off tray that sits in the regular tray.  It is really nice when she has made a big mess, I can take off the tray insert and then clean her up without having to figure out wether to clean the baby or the tray first. 

Ocean Springs, MS


Great High Chair


I love this high chair.  The padding is soft, plush, and easy to clean.  The height and seat back reclining abilities allow me to adjust the chair to exactly what I need at that moment.  They tray is a great size and easy to clean up after.  It has wheels for mobility.  I love that it has a 5 point harness but a lot of high chairs still don't.  My favorite thing abut this high chair is that it folds almost completely flat!  My kitchen is almost non-existant, so I need every space saving trick I can get my hands on, and this is a big one.  My daughter seems very happy and comfortable in this high chair.  She often sits in it and watches me do dishes and such before or after she eats.  My only complaint is this - we recently got a high chair for my in-laws where the tray snaps onto the back of the chair when not in use...I wish this chair had a feature like that.  I always end up stroing my tray on top of my cabinets or on my kitchen table, neither of which are really great solutions.  But other than that, this chair is absolutely perfect.

Sahuarita, AZ




- Safty First PlaySafe high chair was the chair my daughter purchased for my last grandchild. I had thought is was just for the look of it and not checking for safty and other issues that are important when making a purchase. I soon found out  that is is both practicle and durable and safety conscious also. - The bright colors and pretty accents make meal time a happy time for both the mother and child as it brights both a postive meal time in comfort and in easy clean up. - The tray is easy to use and easy to release and clean. the whole chair is stressless to clean leaving a spottless tray for next time - I recommend this chair to all new mothers who can use it as a highchair and than you can later use it at the dinner table.  

Hartwell, GA


Safety First PlaySafe high chair is a nice highchair


We bought the **Safety First PlaySafe high chair for our third child. There are some really nice features with this high chair. It has the reclining seat, multi height adjustment, folds for easy storage, wheels and a place to store the tray on the back and a basket underneath for storage. It has a really cute froggy motif that is throughtout the house for our daughter and the seat even though it is covered with vinyl it is soft and our daughter seems comfortable. My biggest complaints are first the wheels, they are really marking up our tile floors. You can see the marks made by this chair all over the house because we use it as a play table since it can be lowered and she can sit and play while we are in the living room on the couch. Next problem is the basket below the chair, it was a really nice idea and in the beginning it was wonderful to store her toys and bibs. Now that she is self feeding though it is not so good because all the food goes right down into the basket and it isnt very easy to remove to clean. you have to loosen the 2 velcro straps and flip it inside out because it wont come all the way off without dismanteling the enitre chair.**

Brandenburg, KY


Safety 1st PlaySafe High Chair

4.3 4