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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate

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Great for hard to fit spaces


I have owned the Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate for almost 7 years, and it has held up very well during that time. We initially bought this gate because we had a very difficult stairwell and banister area in which to fit a gate. This gate is lightweight and yet sturdy. It is very easy and quick to adjust. The latch can be lifted with one hand. The rubber on the sides is non-marking and has not at all scuffed up my walls. With the adjustable side of the Perfect Fit Gate we are able to get a pretty tight fit to our bannister. It is not perfectly sealed, but it is secure enough that the gate does not move, and it does the job of keeping the kids out of the stairs. The price is fair, and considering how long I've owned my gate I would say you are getting a good value for your money. I have already recommended this to friends, and given the chance I would buy another gate like this. I like it even better than my expensive retractable gate! You won't go wrong with the Perfect Fit Gate.

Lagrange, OH


Sturdy But a Pain to set Up, may not work with older doorways.


This is an extremely sturdy, affordable babygate. That said I originally ordered one because according to the description it should have fit the door at the top of my stairwell, however the measurments given where for stand along mode, hardware install added an extra 3 inches that made it too wide at minimum setting for the doorways in my older home, it does however work very well in stand alone mode in my other doorways. My other issues is that you have to assemble the thing, most babygates come pre-assembled and can be used within minutes, this one took me 15 minutes to assemble before use. Other than those issues it's prefectly fine and for the price is better than most compairable baby gates out there.

Yakima, WA


Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate is Perfect!


We received this gate as a baby shower gift from a woman that has ran a daycare out of her home for many years.  This gate came with very high recommendations from her.  We have had it in our home for a little over 5 years and 3 children and it is still working great.  I love that I am able to move the gate where ever I need it to be.  Whether I need the gate upstairs, downstairs or even blocking the hall.  It fits everywhere I have needed and my kids have never been able to push it over.  I am also able to move the gate with one hand.  It can be a little bit tricky but it can be done, which is great.  I love that the gate is not clear so that you are not able to see all of the fingerprints and things.  I do not need one more thing to clean in my house. We have not had a lot of issues with it pulling off paint.  We do have to be careful when we take it off it has been on for awhile because it has made some bubbles in the paint.  This is one of the most used baby gifts!!  

Ogden, UT


Perfect Fit indeed!


I know I'm not supposed to use a pressure gate at the top of stairs but my husband did NOT want to mount something to the wall.  After fighting and returning the hardware mountable gate I had purchased, I picked up this one.  I love it.  Its easy to work and fits Perfectly around my baseboards and low railing. These two items made it hard to find a safety gate that would work.  The gate is easy to move around to different doorways (ie adjusting the width).  It really is a one-hand operation.  I test it each time I place it at the top of the stairs and I have YET to even see it budge when I shake it.  One of the other amazing things with this gate is there are no footholds for my two monkeys, I mean sons, to find.  They cannot climb on this gate - the design is too smooth.  Overall, the best gate I could find to fit my difficult requirements

Westminster, CA


Could this gate be better? I doubt it.


When searching for a baby gate, we were initially getting it for our dogs.  We keep two of them in the kitchen when we are out to keep them out of trouble.  I wanted a gate that would be durable, mounted to a wall, easy to use with one hand, and something we could use with a toddler when the time came. This gate is fantastic.  It works great to keep the dogs away from each other.  My boxer is a Houdini and had been able to open other gates we have.  Try as he might, he can't open this gate.  We mounted it to our doorway and it foils him every time.  It's easy to wipe off the finger prints and drool that it gets covered with (although I recommend a "Magic Eraser" to get it really clean). When my daughter was born, we decided we needed another, more sturdy gate at the bottom of our stairs, so we immediately thought of this gate.  The problem is that we needed it to be able to be mounted on the wall on one side, and be against the bottom of our bannister on the other.  The bannister is irregularly shaped, and I tried to figure out how we could get a gate to fit without having to attach something to the bannister.  This gate has been amazing.  There is about a 1.5 inch difference between the top of the bannister and the bottom, and the gate accomodates it every time.  It really is the perfect gate if you have an irregular doorway/bannister/etc.  I couldn't love this gate more unless it was free! 

Schuylkill Haven, PA


Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate

4.2 5