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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

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Gets job half done.


I used this product to cover the plug for my son's monitor. I worked wonders. The only down side is that the cover only allows one small brick plug rather than being able to utilize both outlets. Safety Very safe




Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener is awesome!


This outlet cover is working great so far.  I can plug in the thicker cord of my power strip with a little coaxing.  This outlet cover will not allow the plugging in of oddly shaped plugs like cell phone chargers.  The point of buying ths outlet cover was to keep my two-year old from constantly unplugging the computer by bumping in to the plugs or pulling the cords when relocating the computer was not an option.  So far, so great!  The cover is not child-proof, but is resistant and easily removed by pressing on each side.  The design of this cover is well-planned and includes a vent at the top for heat escape and cord winder inside to shorten cords.  It probably would not work to shorten a very long cord.  I plan to buy another one for my alarm clock.  One less worry for me.


Altoona, WI


Safety First Outlet Cover does the job


My 14 month old is very busy and curious, so we've been struggling to keep him out of all the dangerous areas of our house. He loved to pull our living room lamp cord out of the wall, and we couldn't stop him every time. I went to the store hoping to find something like this product! It attaches to the wall like a regular outlet cover, and then there is an additional cover on top of that to go over the plugs, if that makes sense. The release mechanism is difficult enough to stop my son but not too difficult for mom and dad! The plastic is durable too and not going to be damaged by errant toys or a determined toddler. Moreover, because it screw into the wall it's sturdier than something that just sits on top. The cover can accomodate "normal" size plugs, but if you're trying to protect the kind of large plugs you get with some electronics it might not work. Still, for us it is a great solution, and hopefully it will work for years to come.


Evanston, IL


Great for keeping little ones safe.


This is easy to install and it's great knowing my little one can't get to the plugs to pull them out. You just take the regular plate off and screw this one on in it's place. My only complaint would be that not all plugs will work with this device. My cell phone charger will not work. Once you have it installed plug your stuff in. Wrap up the cords and put the cover back on. It is very secure and even a little tough for a grown up to get back off. Since you have to push on both sides to get it off it's hard for little hands to get on both sides making it more secure. I use this in places where I need something like my stick vacuum to stay plugged in all the time but I can't put anything in front of it to keep curious little fingers off of it. In other places I use the slide over kind that snap back if you pull the plug out so it's super hard to put anything up in it that don't belong there.


Lexington, KY


Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

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