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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Ear Thermometer

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Not a great Thermometer for an infant.


We bought the safety 1st ear thermometer before we had our daughter to make sure we had a good way to make sure we knew if she was running a fever. After reading the reviews on it, we thought it was our best option. It does take a temperature in a very quick amount of time, but it doesn't matter if you can't get a good reading. It is really hard to get in the position to get a good reading because infants move all the time. Any time I tried to take her temp with it, I felt that the reading was off. I did try it on myself, and it seemed to work. The thing that concerned me was that when we took my daughter in for her 2 month doctors appointment, they told us that she had a slight fever but this thermometer never picked up anything. I would probably recommend this for older kids, but not infants. There has to be a better and more relyable way to take a infants temperature than using an ear thermometer.

Mankato, MN


Fast temp reading


As a new mom, I was looking for a thermometer that would do a fast reading easily. The Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Ear Thermometer promised just that, so I decided to give it a try. I found the features to be great - easy read out, beeps when done, but felt that the reading was off. When we took the temp orally, it always differed by a degree or two from the ear reading. We also found the Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Ear Thermometer hard to use with an infant. You have to get the angle just right, and despite very detailed directions, we were just not able to do that with our infant. The Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Ear Thermometer is also not a good choice for a kiddo with an ear infection, as we found out the hard way. Now that our son is older, the Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Ear Thermometer seems to give us better readings and is easier to use. The directions are very detailed for infants and toddler use, which is great!

Indianapolis, IN


Ear thermometer works well, but not consistent.


We hav two little ones up to four years old and I have been on the hunt for a good, easy to use thermometer for some time now. We have tried the shake down variety, the digital under the tongue variety and now this ear variety. I really wanted to like this thermometer. It seemed like it would be so much easier to use with small children than trying to get it under the tongue. And so much more accurate than the  armpit trick. So when we used it I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't very consistent. Perhaps it is just more tricky to find the right spot in your ear. But when we would take temperatures we were puzzled by what seemed to be a wrong reading. When we compared the reading to your regular oral thermometer they seemed to be off in one way or another most of the time. So while it works fast and is easier to use with small children, its lack of accuracy almost nullifies those attributes.

Dexter, MI


Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Ear Thermometer

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