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Safety 1st
Safety 1st High Def Digital Audio Baby Monitor

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Good, no static Monitor


I researched hours and hours trying to find a good baby monitor that would not have a static sound in the background, and this one worked just fine. It was annoying though if I didn't have it charged up all the way, because the light would flash. I also didn't like that if one part of the monitor was turned off, the other part of the monitor would make a high pitched beep until you had both parts on at the same time. Overall it was basic enough, but ended up not using it as much as I intended. Sound/Video Clarity The sound was very clear. I was able to hear my baby breathing, sighing and coughing. It was a little too clear at times, so I was grateful you can turn the volume down and off. I really liked the feature that when you do turn the monitor's volume off, you can still track the baby's sound by watching the light rings on the monitor. Interference I never had any problems with any interference or static on this monitor. We have cordless phones, and neighbors with babies as well (just over 6 feet away) and this monitor never picked up any other signals. The high definition digital monitor prevents that from happening. Durability I've had it for a few years and it seems to be working just fine. You just have to make sure its charged correctly before being able to use it. Portability The monitor does have a little clip to put in your pocket, but I don't think I ever did. Its about the size of a large tv remote control, so I just carried it around the house with me.




Love it! Peace of mind.


We love this monitor. Like many of the other reviews we had went through several monitors over the course of 3 years. I bought this monitor about 3 1/2 years ago and I still use it when my kids are sick (they are now 7 and 5). With previous monitors we have listened to many of our neighbors phone conversations (partially thanks to California houses being right on top of each other) and on several occasions picked up interference - NOT WITH THIS MONITOR. We have never had an issue with any thing..no background noise. Love it!


Antelope, CA


Safety 1st monitor has brought many benefits to our life


It was hard to let go of my day and just jump into sleep. When we dicided to buy a monitor I really wanted one that would give me a good range and a good sound. Safety 1st monitor has given me the peace of mind, and I know, that I can deep sleep and be waken up if she needs me. Remember, this is not a video monitor, so the review is based on an affordable system. For its price, it gets the job very well done!


Chicago, IL


We love our Safety 1st High Def Digital Audio Monitor


What would we do without this monitor?! The first and only monitor we have bought, the Safety 1st High Def Digital Monitor has surpassed our expectations. We have heard every sigh, cry, and movement our son has made during the night with the help of this device. And if the sound did not get our attention, the flashing lights did. A series of bars flash when sound occurs, commanding attention - invaluable in times when I have been in the laundry room or taking a shower. The clip on the back has also been useful- I wear it when I am running around the house getting stuff done while our son is napping. The base in incredibly lightweight and small enough that it can sit almost anywhere in the child's room. Its ability to pick up sound is awesome- despite any other items that might be sitting next to or in front of it. The receiver has to stay charged, via the plug in cord, and is a bit heavier, but still convenient. Would not trade it for any other.


Memphis, TN


The BEST baby monitor out there!!!


When my daughter was born we recieved this baby monitor as a gift.  We had a TON of interference with our other monitor and I was being woken up 3-4 nights a week due to the interference.  I was sick of it so I started researching monitors.  I read many reviews about this one and one thing stood out:  absolutely NO INTERFERENCE or static!  I was sold and decided on this one to try. After we moved our daughter into her room we started using this monitor, I was still quite skeptical and kept waiting to be woken up but it never happened!  This monitor was crystal clear and had no static or interference what-so-ever!! This is hands down the best baby monitor out there and it is a great buy for the money.  It is a bit more expensive than some of the others but not greatly so and it's worth every penny.  The only thing I didn't like about it was that even at the lowest (quietest) setting it was still louder than I would have preferred.  I like to keep them quiet enough that I don't hear when they make noises, I only really want to hear when they are crying or upset.  For many this won't even be an issue but I didn't like it.  Easy enough to solve though since I just put the monitor on the lowest setting across the room from where we slept.  Even with being all the way across the room, even on the opposite side of my daughters smaller room, it was still crystal clear and plenty loud! This monitor has been an absolute life changer since I was no longer being woken up at night for no reason!!


Annapolis, MD


A Sure Thing!


I'm a mom of three.  My first baby girl and I went through approximately 3 monitors.  We'd hear crossed signals, TONS of static, ect.  My second child sparked a whole new drive to find the perfect monitor - with the same luck as the first, 3 more monitors.  Each and every one of them bombed with giant disappointments.  I tell you this so that you can see that I've compared, and compared some more.  Now, with my third child, we tried two different monitors.  The first one broke within two months, and then we purchased the Safety First High Def Monitor.  PLEASE skip all of the others and go straight for this one.  It's moderately priced, and you could hear a pin drop.  There is ZERO static, no crossed signals, the parental unit is extremely portable with a long battery life, a clip on feature for if you're roaming arond the house.  When the battery does run low, it's obvious by the change in color and a blinking light.  Other than get up and change the diaper for you, this monitor has you taken care of.  Rest easy, you're in reliable hands with this one!


Aurora, OR


No interference on this baby monitor, just crystal clear sound!


So here's the deal - we bought some baby monitor that we liked the look of back before my son was in his crib. BAD IDEA. We did no research and found out that this particular monitor (which I wish I could remember which it was - I would right a bad review for it) had AWFUL interference. We live along a main road in our neighborhood which probably amplifies this problem. We couldn't sleep. And as an already sleep deprived parent, this had to end quickly. Enter the Safety First Digital Monitor. Oh, thank God for this monitor! Thank God! No interference ever. I have never heard it feed back at all. Blissful sleep for the parents and baby alike. We love that it plugs in to charge, so we don't go through tons of batteries to use it. The belt clip is so flimsy that I don't even use it to secure the monitor on my person. I just leave it on the counter or in my pocket while I'm using it during naptime. It has an impressive range - I take it outside all the time. I also appreciate that it is designed for the parent in mind, instead of the child. Why would a parent want a childish looking device on their nightstand when they could have a simple sleek monitor like this? I recommend this to every new parent! 


Austin, TX


Safety 1st High-Def monitor is crystal clear!


This is our first and only monitor choice! It worked so good for us, it even worked all the way in the back yard. While we would sleep you can turn down the monitors sound and still be aware of sound by the lights. If our Son cried really loud all the light bars would light up brightly. 4 bars for the lights, they light up red. The best feature on this baby monitor is the rechargeable battery. Charge that monitor up, clip it to your pants, and you got yourself free range of the house. Also, free range of the front yard, back yard, the the two neighbors to the left and the right side of you. Well depending on how far they are from you. The monitor is interference free! This monitor is just all around awesome, rechargeable, sound lights, pager button, link indicator, out of range or low battery indicator, and is portable that clips to your pants or belt. Best investment yet! The range is excellent at 1,000+. I would recommend this baby monitor to all my friends and family.


Lake Forest, CA


The clearest sounding monitor


We own several monitors and absolutely love this one. The Safety First digital monitor has crystal clear reception and a great range. No matter where in our house we are with the monitor (1st floor, 2nd floor or basement), we have great reception without any static. Even out in the yard, you have to travel several yards from the house before you start to hear any static. In fact, this monitor is so good that I have to keep it on the next to lowest setting at night otherwise I can hear every noise in the room or out on the street and it wakes me up! There are not many button on the monitor so sometimes it's challenging to know if it's on, off, charging, etc. but after a while you'll know what the various light colors mean. I especially like that the monitor can run off a charge for 8 hours so I can unplug it to carry around with me and plug it back in when it's time for bed- all without any batteries! Cannot beat this monitor for quality- highly worth the slightly higher cost.




I would never buy any other monitor!


This is the best monitor you will ever own. I was first introduced to thsi monitor at a friend's house. We were down in thier garden quite a bit of a trek from the house in the country while her daughet was down for a nap. She told me she had these great monitors that reached very far without getting static. She gave one to me and had me listen. I couldn't hear any static. Ihad to buy one for our family. Our old monitor was so staticy, we just put it away and never used this. When this is on you can't even tell, I have to put it up to my ear to hear the clock ticking so I know it's on. When my daughter cries though, I can hear every tiny sound. It also has a feature where you can turn the sound all the way down but the lights go up if the baby makes a noise. I would definitely recommend you spend a little bit more on this monitor set for the quality, you will not regret it! I forgot to mention that it has a clip on the back so you can wear it around with you.


Onalaska, WI


Safety 1st High Def Digital Audio Baby Monitor

4.9 10