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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Glow & Go Monitoring System

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Not good:-)


I put this monitoring systems to hear my baby girls in the room at the opposite end of the house but unfortunately the frequency is not as great as it should be. Sometimes it works great other times it is so much static I have to move it around the house. Want to buy another one.




First baby moniter


This is my first and only baby monitor so I don't have previous ones to compare this to. The transmission works well and speech is quite audible. We have the units in the family room and one in the bedroom. I can pretty much hear anything of reasonable volume. The other problem is that when other electronic devices are near the unit, it gets staticky. Laptops, cell phones are the major culprits but I tried putting one unit in the kitchen and whenever the microwave was running, there would be static. I don't know if it is isolated to my unit in particular but that static doesn't bother me that much. I can still hear over the static but it may be irritating to some. I would recommend this to budget conscious individuals in need of a fairly reliable baby monitor. Anyone in the market for high-end crystal clear sound may need to think twice about buying this unit.


Claremont, CA


eases my mind


I tend to worry a lot about my kids as they are sleeping because they are on the other side of the house. I bought this moniter system to keep an ear on my son as he sleeps. He has breathing problems and asthma so i need to be able to hear him if he has trouble breathing at night. The monitor has an easy slot for putting batteries so that is good. I can also easily hear my son as he is sleeping and that helps me to feel less stressed about his safety. I hardly have any problems with static and interference with the sound quality, but that is probably only because i hardly use my electronics at home. The small monitor is easy for me to travel with and i can carry along the supplement easily as well. The wireless feature is nice and enables me to move around with more freedom.


Charlottesville, IN


I wouldn't buy this one again


We bought this for my son's room when he was born. The brand was good and the price was good. Our house was small (900sq ft) so I figured we didn't need one long range or any extra features but was excited about the temp. gage since our modular tended to have temp. prob. My son is now 1 1/2 yrs old and I wish I had returned it right away. Prob. 3 days a week it would have Horrible interference even though we lived in the middle of no where. I couldn't take it outside it was out of range going out the door (of course there is no indicator your out of range) so I learned of it when my daughter came running out saying he was screaming where was I. You couldn't unplug it it would never have any life in the battery even though it stayed plugged in most time time. With in 6mo. the temp. gage started loosing parts of the numbers so you could no longer read it. (the company when I emailed them did nothing) It does make a big noise when the monitor in his room is turned off (Which I'm thankful for since he now turns it off and I need to know this) I'm planning on exchanging it, since I do childcare and need a monitor in the room.


Williamsburg, VA


is this a joke?


unfortunately, i hate my house which has two bedrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. dumb, i know. so when it came time for my toddler to go into his own room, i was faced with a dilemma normally i would prefer the child upstairs and parents downstairs becasue i just feel hes safer that way but the stairs have no gate and cant have a sturdy one becasue there no wall to attach it to just a rail so he had to stay downstairs. i say well lets get a baby moniter so we can hear him if he cries and needs us in the middle of the njight/ so i buy this moniter. get it home, set it up, try it doesnt work what a surprise. so i bring it back and get a replacement and bring it home, set it up, try it out and it works...HORRIBLY. all i heard was static. its rediculous. the batteries lasted like a week and i made sure i shut it off during the day too. yes, this thing is affordable but its also cheap as heck andi wouldnt trust your childs safety with it.


Springfield, MA


Safety First monitor is ok.


I began to use this set of monitor's when we move our son to his own room, it had worked fine for awhile until something happened to the one monitor that we were using. We only used the other one if we were outside in the garage or yard so whe could here when he woke up. After about 6 months or so the monitor that we had plugged up in our room quit working, it would be on but you could no longer hear any sounds or see the lights on it. I don't know if somehow a power surge did something to it or what, still do not know what happened. We now only use the one monitor which is kind of a pain but we are no longer using it at night so we just keep the 9v battery in it to use as a portible. I love the night light feature on the base that goes into the babies room and I love that it gives the temperature in the room. I don't like it to get too hot in their but also want to make sure that it's not too cold either. I would say it is a good set and maybe we just had something henky with ours.


Alderson, WV


Inexpensive and practical


I bought this basic baby monitor system because I did not see the need for more expensive, fancy system.  The safety first monitor system delivers basic monitoring for my son.  I can hear him over the monitor, but I also hear my neighbor's baby.  I am sure that they can hear me also, so I have to make sure to turn it off if I'm talking on the phone or to my husband. The monitor is very durable as my eightteen month old son loves playing with it.  He happily carries it around the house, banging it on various surfaces or throwing it.  It continues to work as well as it ever did.  I am pleased with its performance as I never expected much from it in the first place.  Just be aware that you will not have any privacy with the safety first monitor system if your neighbors also have a baby monitoring system.  Overall, it is a good purchase for the price but having to make sure I turn it off before I have a conversation is annoying.


Knoxville, TN


Not the best monitor


At first we didn't want to invest much money into buying a monitor so we decided to buy this one, since it wasn't quite so expensive, but it looked decent. It worked pretty well for about 2 months, then it just stopped working. Somehow one of the monitors was no getting any power. We haven't tried it again with batteries to see if it works, but I am not impressed with the quality of the monitor. I expected it to work a lot longer than 2 months. The other thing that was annoying was how much static it produced.There would be times when it would just buzz and often times there was bad feedback.  It drove me crazy. I would not recommend this monitor even for the price. Overall, I feel like it was a waste of money and even though I may still try to use it to get my money's worth out of it, if I could afford a better one I would definitely invest the extra money. Don't waste your money on this purchase.


Columbia, MO


Don't Like The Glow&Go.


Well I happend to get this baby monitor for my daughters baby shower. She is my first child and i've never had to use a baby monitor before. So i assumed because they were the "safty first" brand, that they would be good. And at first I loved them, I really do like how it glows green if everything is quiet, and will start lighting up red if theres noise, so say if you had two children in differnt rooms and you had to bring the baby monitor into one sleeping childs room, you could just turn the volume down and keep an eye on the light for it to start turning red.  But other than that, I really feel like this baby moniror falls flat. It gets really staticy, even if your just a few feet away. Or even if its sitting still, it will randomly start makeing loud static noises, the baby monitor woke me up more than my baby did, just from the random static. I went out and bought a differnt one from sony, and that works amazing. I really think people should spend a little bit more money to get a highter quality baby monitor.


Hastings, MI


~ Just Say NO to Glow and Go ~


**     Okay, so I have recently purchased this Glow and Go monitor. It worked okay at first, for like a week. Then all of a sudden I get all this static and noise coming over the darn thing. It has gotten to a point where I can't even sleep with it on! So now I am stuck with this monitor that I dont even use. Being forced to sleep lightly and check on my baby all night to make sure he is okay because I can not buy another one. Especially Safety 1st, and it seems like thats all that is around now-a-days. I am very disappointed, I even tried to tell Safety first about it on there web site then when I clicked send to send my comments. The webpage shutdown on me. Now when I go back there it just has an error message! I am not happy about this at all. So I suggest to all you parents out there to please check reveiws before you buy something you have not purchased before. Also if this product is not working for you, send Safety 1st a comment and see what happens! Who knows you may get your money back! Thats what I am hoping for!**


Peru, IN


Safety 1st Glow & Go Monitoring System

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