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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster

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The Safety 1st Booster is so Convenient!


The Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster is a fantastic item to have on hand whether at home or traveling with young children. The booster seat folds up nicely and is easy to take on the go. We travel fairly often and the Safety 1st Booster is great to have at hotels and at the homes of our family when we visit. This is also a great product to have it home. It takes up a lot less room than a traditional high chair and was wonderful when we lived in an apartment and space was very limited. Every surface of the booster seat is easy to wipe down with soap and water and very easy to keep clean. All surfaces are plastic, so there are no fabrics to try to clean or keep clean. The tray is a good size and the straps holding the seat to the chair are secure and very easy to adjust. The booster seat is compact and travels well. This booster seat is a lot less expensive than a traditional high chair and in most cases serves the same purpose. I recommend the Safety 1st Booster Seat to anyone with small children.


New Berlin, WI


Great for small spaces


**Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster has come in handy when it comes to traveling for us. My inlaws are in North Carolina and we are in Michigan. We try to visit them once a year at least. Although that is getting much harder now with five little ones, there is simply too much to pack. But when it comes to a chair, the **Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster is a great solution. In fact, it is such a small size when closed, we store at their home year round. The legs close in, the tray is stored within the chair and the straps are used to keep it all closed and compact.**** **the **Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster is very easy to wash. There is nothing to remove to throw in the washing machine. I simply wipe it down with a cloth after feedings and then sanitize with some sort of sanitizer before storing it for our next trip down there.**** **It is very affordable and extremely worth it. In fact, I bought one for our home for our two year old so that she is at the "big girl" table without the added bulk of another high chair.**


Wayne, MI


Safety 1st booster is great for travel and storage


We are living in a small apartment without a lot of room in the kitchen or floor space by the table.  A large high chair was not an option.  This booster seat was the cheapest option I could find, and is one of my favorite purchases in the 'baby stuff' category.  I love that there is no cloth that can get stained or needs to be wiped down and has to dry.  I love that I can snap it to a chair at my table, or put it on the kitchen floor if baby needs to eat while I make dinner.  It has 3 different distances to snap on the tray so it can grow with baby from first feeding at 6 months to an 18 month old who is growing out of the need for a tray.  And then, lose the tray and let them just sit higher at the table instead of needing to sit on their knees - perfect.  This is the perfect seat to buy if you go on a lot of roadtrips or go visit family a lot.  I love how compact it gets when you fold down the seat back, snap on the tray, and then have the straps to carry it over your shoulder.  My only complaint was that I put the chair on my wood dining table chair, and my baby would wiggle around.  The bottom of the booster scratched the seat of my chair.  Quick fix: attach those carpet pads for chair legs onto the bottom of the booster to avoid scratches on your chair.


Chapel Hill, NC


Love the safety 1st booster!


The Safety 1st easy care swing tray booster is the best invention!  It is so versitile and all my friends with children use it when they bring their little ones over for lunch.  I love how the tray come right off so you could through it in the dishwasher or in the sink.  I also like how you can make it higher so your child can reach the table no matter what age they are.  Another nice feature the safety 1st easy care swing tray booster has it that it folds up so nicely that it is both easy to carry and to store.  Since we have a highchair we do not use the safety 1st easy care swing tray booster on a regular bases.  But it is nice to throw it in the car when you need to go somewhere that will provide a meal without have to worry about your little one eating.  I would reccomend this to any mom and I have.  So much so that some of my mommy friends have bought one.  You can find these at many yard sales so it would be cheap!


Royersford, PA


My son loves this chair!


This booster high chair is my son's favorite chair!  We have another high chair, but my 9 month old strongly prefers this one.  We can pull it up to the table to let him use the table top or we can use the tray.  It's brightly colored and fun for him to sit in.  He will sit there before and after meal time, just playing with toys that we give to him... so it must be comfortable for him!  My favorite part is how portable it is.  When we go on vacations and trips, we take this chair with us and set it up quickly and easily at our new location.  It is perfect for when you are visiting people that don't have a high chair at their house.  Also you can set it up on the floor if needed.  We use it for every meal and for snack times.  There is a storage place behind the back of the seat for bibs or utensils.  The only problem I have with it is that we are borrowing it!  I need to buy one for ourselves for our next child too!  I would definitely recommend this to anyone.


Minneapolis, MN


Very Easy to Transport!


You have no idea how important it is to have a portable booster chair.  You don't know what situation you will be up against that you will need somewhere for your child to sit.  Of course, the obvious is restaurants, friend's houses, etc..  But how about at a large party, park, beach, camping, etc? This chair can be set up on the ground as well as attached to a chair.  It's very easy to assemble and disassemble.  Very easy to carry, pack, and store.  My children loved sitting in it.  It made it easy to give them a familiar set up when feeding in strange places. It also seems very secure and snug. The price is very reasonable, and since it is a sturdy and well known piece, easy to sell or give away when you no longer need it.  I used it for four kids over the course of 10 years and then sold it at a garage sale, in like new condition.  This is a perfect gift for a new mom, will definitely be used.


Woodbridge, NJ


love it!


So my kitchen is not small but with a huge cherry dining table I really didn't want a full size high chair in my kitchen to trip over so I got this booster seat.  As soon as my son was sitting up by himself I started using it.  This is a great space saver as compared to the huge high chairs.  I love that i can pull the tray off and push the seat under the table and no one can even see it.  It is very durable and easy to clean.  My son is now nine months old and he still pleanty of room to grow into it.  I can easily see him using this booster for a couple more years.  It is very portable and great to take to holiday dinners or to grandma's house.  The trays fit right in my dishwasher so I don't have to worry about germs or cleaning up the mess.  I have had other boosters with my older children that damaged my wood dining room chairs but so far this one has not caused any damage at all.  I would definately recommend.


Brush Creek, TN


Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster

4.7 7