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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat

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We love our Safety 1st Easy Care booster seat!


We spent several months deciding whether to buy a high chair for when our baby started eating solid foods or to buy a booster seat to attach to one of our dining chairs.  We actually purchased one of each, but then ended up returning the high chair because we have like the Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat so much!  It attaches very securely to a chair so there is no chance of falls or accidents.  The tray clips in on one side and can then just swivel closed when you put your baby in or can swivel open after mealtime without having to take it all the way off.  The safety belt is very secure and easy to use and keeps my baby from getting out.  There is a cup holder which perfectly fits her sippy cup.  My daughter loves sitting in her booster seat, even while i'm making dinner before she's eating.  This is a great option as far as feeding babies goes and it's even less expensive than a big, bulky high chair.

Idaho Falls, ID


Great if you can snag it CHEAP...otherwise a waste


I purchased this model of booster seat because it was on a special sale at the store and we were shopping on a gift card. After getting it home and "assembing" it I wasn't very impressed with how the chair straps secured only by a folded piece of strap, that can easily be pulled out. The buckles on the seat are also easily adjusted, even my 1 year old could do that and almost slipped out of the chair because he loosened them all on his own. I would only use this if I was in a home with it on the floor, too many risks for use in public or on a chair for me.

New Bern, NC


Total Waste of Money!


As a mother of a set of twins, I needed an extra high chair. I didn't have the space for another full high chair, so we decided to buy the Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat. This HAS to be the worst booster seat ever! First of all, the straps that you use to secure the Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat to your own dining room chair do NOT stay tightened. As soon as you move the booster seat, the strap loosens all the way. One of my babies happened to lean forward and the Safety 1st (HA!) Easy Care Booster Seat loosened and my baby was leaning forward over the edge of my dining room chair! Thankfully, I was right beside him and was able to immediately fix the situation. We ended up having to rig the strap through the cut-outs in our chair and knot it off in order to keep the Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat secured to our own chair. Then, just a few days after buying the Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat, the tray snapped off! My older son was just messing with it ( not in a forceful or rough way) and the thing just snapped. So now we have to push the chair up to our other high chair tray so that both children can have a tray. Lastly, the button that unbuckles the harness doesn't unlatch easily at all. I have to fidget with the thing over and over because one side will unlatch but not the other. I often only have one hand free, so this is not convenient. I think this booster seat is a peice of trash.

Jewett City, CT


safety 1st easy care booster seat is a mom's dream come true


I am a first time parent and had purchased two full sized high chairs before purchasing the safety 1st easy care booster seat.  the other high chairs were just a waste of time and money.  not only did they take up entirely to much space but they were difficult to clean.  on top of all the downsides to them my daughter at only 9 months could unsnap the harnesses that were supposed to keep her fastened securely in her chair. i didn't know what to do until i saw the safety 1st easy care booster seat in the store and thought i would give it a try. not only was it afffordable but it is built to last and is cleaned very easily. another great thing about it is you can take it anywhere with no effort at all. my daughter also loves it she has a feeling of being a big girl and loves sitting right at the table with us instead of being seperated by being in one of those big bulky chairs. i would recommend the safety 1st easy care booster seat to anyone who has children

Crab Orchard, TN


Always goes visiting with us


We have used this booster seat as a travel high chair since my daughter was 8 months old.  It is lightweight and easy to pack around to the grandparents' houses or to friends' houses.  It attaches easily to any regular dining chair.  Since it is all plastic it is much easier to clean than our high chair that has padding for food to get caught in.  It was very reasonably priced and has proved to be a great investment.  It was well worth the money that we spent on it.The tray itself is a bit small and my daughter usually drops her sippy cups over the side because they do not fit well in the cupholder space.  As she gets bigger the small tray may become an impediment to putting plates and bowls right in front of her, but that problem could easily be solved by attaching the seat to a chair low enough that the seat could be pulled up directly to the big table. We have gotten significant use out of this item and it has fit the bill well for an older infant and younger toddler.

Park Forest, IL


Too small for any age


The seat is fine as far as it fitting the chairs and it's nice that it has a cupholder so cups don't slide. It's the tray! The thing is sooo tiny I can not even get a small plate on it.  It would work fine if you want to put ALL your kid's food right on the tray but sometimes you want them use a plate.  A bowl will fit but even then it's close to my daughter's stomach, It causes spill after spill of food and drink.  It's a terrible design and does not provide enough room to function properly.  We have had enough and are going to get rid of it and buy a new one.  It's a shame but the design of the tray is so flawed it makes it impracticle and inconvenient to say the least.  Don't buy it.  Get a better one.

Pottstown, PA


Great fit for my family!


We found our safety 1st booster seat at a 2nd hand store. We knew that our daughter couldn't and didn't always need to be sitting in a high chair even though I think they are made until your kid is like 3 years old. I wanted her to have some freedom. Especially since she could walk and do about anything by the time she was 18 months old. Once she turned 1 year old we said good bye to the crib and hello toddler bed as well as bye bye high chair and hello booster seat. It was nice because the high chair can be so big and bulky within your dining room. And for us our dining room and kitchen were together so it seemed like we didn't have hardly any room. We have taken our booster seat with us to ensure our daughter would have a seat that would fit her.  What is nice - is that you can fold this up so it takes up even less room. We are looking to get rid of our high chair once our son turns 1 year old too and move him to the booster seat. Our daughter now feels that she no longer needs it. So we used this from one year until about 2 1/2 - that is when she decided she was a big girl. ** Note: The picture of the green booster is not the one we had but I would say similar - it is by the same company.

Lakefield, MN


Safety 1st Easy Care Booster Seat

3.4 7