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Safety 1st
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Safety 1st Deluxe Sit, Snack, & Go Booster Seat

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Cannot live without!


My husband and I bought this booster high chair four years ago when our daughter was born. Now my son (20 months) uses it. This is the BEST investment you will ever buy for your children and grandchildren. This chair is small enough for babies when they first start sitting up, and expands to fit a toddler. You can raise the height to level it with your table and chair, or you can sit it on the floor. It is extremely lightweight, and easy to tote around. It has safety straps to keep it from flipping off the chair. In addition, we throw it in the car when we visit family so we don't have to worry about the baby getting messy. You cannot find a high chair that is easier to clean than this one! There are no crevices to trap food...and you can clean every part of it (there is no fabric). I am not planning to have any more children, however, I will keep it for when we have grandchildren someday! Do not hesitate....BUY A SAFETY FIRST BOOSTER HIGH CHAIR! You will love it, I promise! Sturdiness I used the same one for both of my children! Durability Still looks like new after 5 years of use! Design Easy to clean, sturdy, and portable! Safety Make sure to secure onto seat well, and there should be no problems.


Ripley, OK


Safety 1st Deluxe Sit, Snack and Go Booster Seat is a great buy


The Safety 1st Deluxe Sit, Snack and Go Booster seat has been a great buy for my daughter. We use it as our travel seat at friend's places etc. It is light and folds down easily and very easy to tote around with you. We have had it for almost two years and it has been a very useful item especially when we are invited over to a friend's place for dinner and it easily allows us to have our daughter join us at the table for the meal. Our daughter has been using it since she was able to sit up and eat at the table and she is now almost two years and she continues to use it and has yet to outgrow it (she is in the 50% percentile for both height and weight). It is easy to clean as well and has a removable thin seat cushion for even easier cleanup.


Austin, TX


Safety 1st Booster Seat


My baby is just getting big enough to eat baby food out of a jar. We didn't have a high chair for him and we were looking around at stores for a nice one that would work well. High chairs are expensive and take up a lot of space, so we decided to get one of these booster seats instead. It works just as well as a high chair, but it costs a lot less and is much easier if you travel a lot. It adjusts with your baby as they grow. There are different settings so as he gets bigger it does too. It is small so you can put it away in a small space and it doesn't take up a lot of room like a high chair. I love that it just straps onto any chair and is safe and secure. It doesn't move at all. It's safe for your baby and you don't have to worry about it tipping over or anything. It straps and locks to the chair and makes it easy to feed your baby. When they start eating it is a fun time because they get food all over their face, and this is a great booster seat for them when they enter that stage.


Lowndesboro, AL


overall, this is a good buy.


This works well for your child, but once my son got past 2 years old he outgrew it literally, it's meant for small thighed children. The seat washes off easily and there aren't a lot of extra holes or play things that you have to constantly clean. The straps buckle well and with the tray on you don't even really have to use the straps on the lap but definetely around the chair to hold it in place. The tray fits only a baby plate and not much room for a baby cup which makes it easy for baby/child to spill the liquid and get all worked up about it. But if you just pull the chair up to the table and don't use the tray, it's perfect hieght.


Cincinnati, OH


Grows with the child


We bought this booster instead of a high chair to save space and because we wanted something that would grow with her.  Pros:  It's very easy to clean.  The one we have doesn't have a cushion, so you can just wipe the whole thing down with a wet towel.  Assembly was a snap.  It straps securely on a regular dining room chair, and adjusting the straps is simple.  It's didn't budge an inch the day my daughter decided she would use it to climb up on the kitchen counter.  To use it as a booster seat, all you need to do is snap off the tray.  It does fold up nicely for travelling. Cons:  The cup holder is too small to fit most of my daughter's sippy cups.  It's also on the right side, so it's awkward for left handed children.  My daughter makes a lot of messes because she has to reach across the tray to grab her cup.  You do have to hand wash the tray, so for really messy meals, clean up a can be a pain.  Crumbs and food have a tendency to fall under the seat, so you need to remove it often to clean off the chair under it. 


Saint Paul Park, MN


The Safety 1st Booster Seat isn't the best booster seat


I bought the Safety 1st Booster Seat three years ago for my oldest daughter to use. We already had a seat that you could attach on to the table, but she was getting to big for it and I was always having to take it apart to wash.  That was the reason I bought this booster seat in the first place, you can wipe it down pretty easily to clean it. The seat needs to be taller so that the kids can rest their heads back. Another thing that I don't like about it is that the part that attaches the tray to the seat broke. I don't mind not having the tray, my kids have preferred to sit up to the table anyway and the tray was tight on their bellies. The problem is that without the tray in place, it leaves a little hole in the armrest that is perfect for putting food down. I have had this problem with 2 of my kids putting food down the little hole making a mess all over the kitchen chair. It's annoying and I wish I would have bought something else. I'm sure there is another chair that is easy to wipe down and doesn't have a "food you don't want" hole.


Shelley, ID


Its fine as long as your kid doesn't grow


When I first bought this seat, it was perfect. 6 months later, I don't love it so much. The pros for this seat are that it is a good transition from a high chair or bumbo seat. Once your kid can sit up on their own, they are perfect for this chair. It takes up very little room, since it straps to your kitchen chair. The straps on your kitchen chair fit nicely and are adjustable. Once you have the fit right, your child is secure and the seat won't fall.  My cons are that this seat does not allow for a growing toddler. We can no longer strap our son into the seat and haven't been able to since he was 18 months old.  He is a big kid, but not a giant and the straps will not go around his belly. We also can't put the tray on the seat anymore because it squishes his legs and private parts. So, we decided to use it as a simple booster and put him at the table, well its too low to be a booster for the table, even for my extremely tall son. So, we've had to put cookbooks to make it taller to fit at the table.


Hensley, AR


Not happy with this product!


We purchased 2 of these booster seat/high chairs to keep at both sets of Grandparents homes. they are great for storing, but as far as the quality it is poor. When you fasten the saftey belts to the back and under side of the adult chair, the straps dont stay. They slide through the clasp and are not tight. Its great that the child gets to sit up higher at the table, but the back of it is so short that its uncomfortable for them(my 18 month old has said, hurts and point to his back). It even looked uncomfortable when they were just starting to eat foods and needed to be in a high chair! The tray snaps off easily(luckily no one was hurt!) but when you go to actually pop the tray on its almost impossible to do! We have read and re read the instructions, had a grandfather who is a mechanical engineer try and fix the straps and nothing! I wish we could return them, but they were purchased over 1 year ago..(we didn't pay attention to it immedietly) We are stuck with them, and have since had to tie a knot in the strap in order for the piece to lock in place and become secure to the chair. Lets hope neither set of Grandparents get new dining room chairs as they are set to fit the current chairs! Would NEVER ever recommend this to a friend/family member. The 2 we have at home are the Early years high back boosters and we LOVE THEM!!!!!


Brook Park, OH


Great, versatile booster seat.


I bought this seat almost a year ago, as soon as my daughter could sit up. It was nice to take along before she could sit completely unassisted, and is still used every day. I've found other Safety 1st products to be either hit or miss, but for the price tag on this booster we decided to try it out. It has been a great product. It's very versitile and has lots of different positions. The bottom extends for tall tables or short babies, the tray is completely removable, the back folds down, and the straps can be removed for use just as a booster seat. It has a 3 strap lap-belt and the tray fits between the child's legs to prevent wriggling out. The booster straps to the bottom and back of most chairs. The dual strap means it's pretty sturdy. The tray is good sized and has a large lip to help prevent spillage. It also has a cupholder which my daughter loves. The tray also has 3 attatchment notches, so the chair can grow with the child. The straps are easy to adjust and the whole thing is very portable. It's convenient to be able to take a safe seat for feeding to restaurants or to grandma's house.


Phoenix, AZ


Great chair!


I bought this booster chair about 6 months ago because my daughter started standing up in her highchair.  Feeding her was becoming a GIGANTIC battle and I was desperate to try anything to get her to stay seated while feeding her.  This chair was the best purchase I could have made.  This Safety 1st Delux Sit Snack & Go Booster Baby Seat/chair makes it extremely easy to buckle your child in and has an adjustable tray where you can adjust it as your child grows.  Needless to say, my daughter does not try to stand up in her seat anymore because she is buckled in and meal times are much much more pleasant.  Not only is this chair a lifesaver, but it also comes with a super cute design on the back of the chair.  You get style and fashion AND sanity all at the same time!  I love this chair and would recommend it to any and everyone.  It is also a great deal and worth every penny that you spend--priced much lower than competitors!


Lewisville, TX


Safety 1st Deluxe Sit, Snack, & Go Booster Seat

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