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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Comfort Zone Digital Baby Monitor

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Safety 1st Digital baby monitor has no interference!


I have a four-month old and use this monitor throughout the day as she naps (She is still sleeping in our room at night). We purchased this monitor at the recommendation of store clerks at our favorite baby superstore, and we could not be happier with it.  We live in a condo community, so have the wireless signals from Wi-Fi and cordless phones from both our home and those of our neighbors.  The digital signal is great, however, and we have never experienced any interference while using this monitor! The monitor has a sleek, simple design that looks good and it is very basic to use.  I love that we don't have to surf channels to see which one would work best, as I have had to do with other baby monitors that I have used. The battery life is not great, but it is long enough to be convenient for me.  It alerts you if the battery is getting low and gives you plenty of time to start charging it.  The volume level of the monitor is pretty quiet, but it lights up to correspond with noise from your baby. The fact that this monitor lights up to correspond with volume as your baby cries is my favorite feature of this monitor. This is very helpful for times when there is a lot of noise and it could be difficult to hear the monitor -- like if we have friends over or if I am blow-drying my hair.   A lot of my friends have had monitors that do not work well, either because of interference or battery life, but this has not been the case for us.  We love this monitor and would highly recommend it to anyone!  And, best of all, it is the same price as the monitors that I have heard don't work as well!

Williamsburg, VA


Safety 1st Baby Monitor is durable and handy.


We bought our Safety 1st Digital Baby Monitor in 2005. It is about 5 years old, and has never faltered. My only complaint is that the belt hook fell off once when it was dropped. That was several years ago, and we haven't missed it. The batteries have never had to be replaced- they're rechargeables, and usually last about 2.5 to 3 hours, even after all of these years. It is heavier/clunkier than newer models, but it has been dropped, thrown, and otherwise abused for 5 years and never broken. It's got a nice rubbery bottom that helps it stand upright on the counter or what not. The volume button is pretty loud, so that's annoying if you are adjusting the volume while baby is sleeping, but it hasn't been a problem for us. The lights show us whether baby is crying (if the vaccuum is on or something) and it's basically been a great purchase. I'm sure it was 20 bucks or less. Would definitely buy again!

Mishawaka, IN


The safety 1st Digital Baby Monitor is stable.


Being a first-time mom of i'm very over protective, always conscious and always aware of my baby's safety. Maybe even the word paranoia comes to mind, but i feel that when it comes to my son's safety there just never is enough! So when we purchased the safety 1st Digital Baby Monitor i expected for it to work the exact way that it was described, or god forbid, i would be dashing right back to the store to get my money back! But much to my surprise, it worked even better than i had expected it to! There are only two channels, One part plugs into the outlet by the baby's crib, and the other end can be wireless with a battery in it, or you can plug it into the outlet in your room or whichever room you choose to be in. There is a volume control of course, which i was very happy with, because it maxes out to a very loud volume, which is extremely important to me since my son had some breathing problems that needed to be monitored for the first few weeks. I think the only downfall perhaps is that there can be some interferances with the monitor as there would be with virtually any other monitor that you havent paid an arm and a leg for. But this minor problem can be solved simply by moving the monitor farther away or unplugging a fan that may be running.

Sedro Woolley, WA


This digital monitor is a muct have, and its wireless!


I have tried many monitor within the last five years, and three children, and when i seen this monitor i had to try it.  It only has one reciever but that is okay, i only ever used one anyway.  The Safty First Digital Wireless Monitor, is the best monitor i have ever used, and i have use alot of monitors.  I would have to say that i have went through about two monitors with each child, and i have had this one now since my daughter was born, and she is seven months now and it is great.  I honestly would not use another monitor again.  And me and my husband our having another child in May of 2010, and i plan on useing this same nmonitor when he/she comes into the world.  And feel free to try it for yourself and i garentee that you will strongly agree with me and my husband on The Safety First Digital Wireless Monitor.

Wausau, WI


Safety 1st Digital Monitor is one of the best investmets we made


i have really enjoyed the Safety 1st Digital Baby Monitor. Because it is digital it does not pick up any interferance with cordless phones or other similar equipment. I have also gotten good range with it. I am able to take it outside and do yard work or other projects and still get a good signal. The only problem I have found is that the sound is not very loud. If I take a shower I can hardly hear my daughter over the water, but the red lines are visable, and will go up and down based on the level of noise coming from my daughter's room. I remember the baby monitor being mid-range in price compared to the other ones at the store. It was a little bit more than we were wanting to spend, but I personnally feel it was a great investment! I am hoping that it will last until baby number 2, but if for some reason it gives out before then, there is no doubt that we would purchase another one just like it! And to top it all off, it looks nice too!

Saint Marys, GA


Safety 1st Comfort Zone Digital Baby Monitor

4.4 5