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Safety 1st
Safety 1st ® Alpha Elite™ 65 Convertible Car Seat - Rachel


A Convertible Car Seat that will Safely Transport Your Baby from Birth through Toddlerhood

Safety 1st Alpha Elite Convertible Car Seat is made to last and care for your child's car safety for more than just a few months. An extended-use car seat, the convenient features and comfortable design will keep your child safe and happy through three separate stages. First - the rear-facing infant car seat for that trip home from the hospital and all the visits to grandparents in those first few months. Second - the forward-facing car seat with a harness that can secure a child up to 65 lbs for your growing bouncing baby. Third - the belt-positioning booster seat that can protect your teething toddler from 40-100 lbs.

A Convertible Car Seat that is versatile, safe and cute? That is exactly what the Rachel is. Pink, white and gray, with a modern floral print - think of this as your baby's traveling security blanket.

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keeps my daughter safe


We got this from a friend when my daughter was born. We did not use it until she was 8 months old because we had the pumpkin seat when she was an infant. I like this car seat. She had to be rear facing until she hit twenty pounds and then we turned the seat forward facing when she was able to sit that way. The seat looks comfortable and it must be because she is able to fall asleep in it most of the time we are in the car. I wouldn't mind riding in that seat that's how comfortable it looks. I think the little arm rests are too cute. It has a nice head rest that keeps her head from flopping all over the place when she falls asleep. It is easy to tighten and loosen the straps. There is a button right underneath the buckle and you just hold that down and move the straps where you want them. As far as installing it you might want to contact your local fire department because they are certified in properly installing car seats. I found it a little difficult to install. Once I figured it out it went ok. The important thing is that it keeps my daughter safe in the car and that's all that matters.

Cleveland, OH


Safety 1st ® Alpha Elite™ 65 Convertible Car Seat - Rachel

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