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Safety 1st
Safety 1st AeroLite Travel System Stroller

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Great travel system!


I researched a lot of strollers before settling on this one. I loved the thickness of the carseat and safety ratings. The carseat was used, even though it's an infant carrier, until my daughter was 17 months old. She outgrew the height first, but that took awhile! I loved having a travel system. It made it easy to pop her from the car to the stroller without waking her up or getting her out of the carseat. The stroller was great too. The wheels are different sizes, so I would run into things at times. It was easy to push around though, offered a lot of space for a diaper bag and shopping bags and was a great, stylish design. Mine was a gender neutral green/blue color that I loved. I'm excited to get to use it again with baby number two! It's a great travel system and if it has been discontinued, finding something like it would be well worth your time! Very durable, easy to use, attractive and above all, safe!



Love my Safety 1st Travel System!


I researched for hours and hours, probably days if I put all of my time together, to find the "perfect" infant seat or travel system. I wish I had known about Viewpoints-that would have been very helpful in guiding me in the right direction to find what I was looking for! Anyways, I decided on this Safety 1st Travel System because of many reasons. The first reason was that the stroller easily opens and closes! The maneuverability is also great, although sometimes I forget that the back wheels are a little wider than the front wheels and I run into things!  There are cup holders and a space to put my phone and other items on the stroller near the push handle, which is nice. The under stroller storage is also decent-and no annoying clips that can break to close the storage area! The infant seat is great-easy to move the straps and adjust correctly, although you have to be careful not to get the straps twisted! The infant head rest is supportive, but I found that with my newborn I needed to put a rolled up receiving blanket on each side to keep her head supported even more. The seat is easy to carry, and once you have the base (professionally!) installed, it is easy to take in and out of my car.  Overall, a great system!

Laconia, NH


Safety 1st AeroLite Travel System Stroller

5.0 2