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SafeGuard GO Hybrid Booster Seat

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makes me feel safe


the safeguard gives me a sense of security, which makes me comfortable while driving. knowing that my kid is safe really makes me secure and pay more attention to the road rather than preoccupying my mind thinking if my child is safe. the only thing i don't like about it is that it seems a bit edgy and not very comfortable


Auburn, WA


very good carseat


This carseat has been used by my grandaughter ,she loved it. Her mom and dad found it a great deal and were able to keep it for their next child whom will be born in the next year. **SafeGuard F17550 is a good deal for its price and keeps a baby safe. We will be using this again , no problems with it whatsoever.**


Bethel, MN


This Booster Seat is the perfect for my child


This is a great booster seat with firm cushions and is very safe for children. We bought the Lauren style last year and there's nothing negative to say about this car seat. The fabric is extremely soft, the sitting is extremely comfortable. Every time I put my daughter in it, you can tell that she's started to doze off, feel very relaxed and if the trip is longer than 30 minutes, she'd fall asleep fast on it. Sometimes it becomes an issue because she's too comfortable in it that she doesn't want to get out. My ... sister in law who thought of herself as someone who always buy the most expensive thing got jealous when she saw my two Britax collections and quickly swapped all her children car seats to Britax. Just because she knows I only buy the best for my daughter so she would always copy what I bought. Installation on the car seat is very easy for me. We have an Infiniti and it only took me seconds to install. Britax is pretty much the best car seat brand out there you could easily find. It's pricey but our children life is priceless as well as their comfort. So every penny is all worth it when it comes to buying Britax.These are the great features of these booster seats.  


Iselin, NJ


This carseat works great.


 I think this carseat is very suitable. It is great for toddlers. they are able to sit up and look around, and that keeps them happy.( Must of the time.) Safety always comes first. Using this carseat will be the safest way to go.


Hermon, NY


keep the past in the rearview mirror


I bought this carseat cuz i wasnt sure what size i would need for my three year old grandaughter. The safegaurd car seat has three settingss for 3diffeerent size children or one child to grow into. i loved the selection of the interior and it even had a cup holder is that not the greatest. the interior was removable to wash it.and it was easy as 1 2 3 to get in the van truck and car we used it in the clamps hooked right into the tether hooks. i also thought it was very affordable for my budget the safe guard had the cushioned shoulder pads and the nap ring so the child was as comfortabal as she could possibly be. of course if she dropped something in the floor she could not get it we had to play the turn aaround and get it nonnie game. I know a friend whom is seven months along and she looked at the carseat and a week later she called me and told me she would buy that one from us for her moms car and she had just bought one for herself.. I also will reccomend it to any other expectant moms.


Cuba, MO


The Safeguard GO carseat is comfortable yet versatile for my son


I think the Safeguard GO carseat is great. As soon as my son was old enough I purchased this one because it would change from a traditional seat into a booster. The Safeguard GO carseat has two cupholders on each side so it can be placed anywhere in the backseat and still have access to them. The Safeguard is a great seat especially because I feel that my son is safe in it. The comfort that he has on long trips is especially a plus. He has no trouble out of his Safeguard GO carseat and it is also very easy to clean. You just remove the covers and machine wash. I am glad I picked this seat because about a month ago I had to change from the traditional to the booster and I am not sure with the way the economy is I would've been able to afford a new carseat. The Safeguard GO carseat was a very good investment for my family and I. We are very safety concious and our four year old means everything so we trust that the Safeguard GO carseat is right for us.


Catawba, NC


Well worth the money and easy to carry


We bought Safeguard Go front facing car seat a few months back for our son.I really liked the seat , it is very easy to install, its light and comes with a carry bag (was handy when we went for vacation so we didnt pay the extra for renting a car seat. Th only downside is that it stays upright unless you can lower the tilt the seat of your car backwards which we cant. Overall a good buy.


Saint Paul, MN


SafeGuard GO Hybrid Booster Seat

4.1 7