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Saeco Odea Go Automatic Espresso Machine 00

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Saeco Odea Go Automatic Espresso Machine has some great features


I have had the Saeco Odea Go Automatic Espresso Machine for about 2 years now. It makes GREAT espresso. It has some great features that I really appreciate. Every morning I turn it on and push the "brew" button twice and my perfect 4-shot espresso is delivered. The espresso is consistently good. I appreciate that it is the same very day. The machine I used before I had this had good and bad days, but with the Seaco Odea, it's always a good day! The reason I didn't give this a "10" rating is because I think the hopper, water tank and puck collector are all too small! I think I have to refill or empty something on this machine at least 2 times per week. I would give it a "10" if I didn't have to empty the pucks so often. Or if I didn't have to add water or beans so often. Brew Performance Brew Performance is a "10". I have no complaints here. It is perfect every time. It takes a while to fine tune the machine to be just how I wanted it because there are a few settings to change. You can change the fineness of the grind, the strength of the brew and size and numbers of shots. But once you have it dialed in, it's perfection every time! Ease of Cleaning It does take a bit of effort to clean this machine. And it requires "descaling" periodically. But this is nothing I didn't expect. Ease of Use Turn it on and push one button (push it twice for a double shot). Couldn't be easier. But I rate it an "8" because of the small water reservoir, small bean holder and small buck collector. Design It's beautiful. It looks great on my counter. Durability Knock on wood... I have not had any problems with it except the grinder got clogged once. I had to do a thorough cleaning of the machine to get it sorted out.




Great for Single Serve Coffee


I start every morning with a cup of coffee from this machine.  I was looking at the Keureg coffee maker, but I did not like the coffee options that they offered.  I chose the Saeco Odea even though it was more expensive because I love that it uses freshly ground espresso beans.  I can't stand the coffee at my work and I thought that buying this coffee maker would still be less expensive than stopping at Starbucks every morning. I am the only coffee drinker in my house so the fact that I can make 1 cup at a time,  I do not have to mess with filters, a coffee pot, or a separate grinder.  The machine is easy to clean and warms up in just a few minutes. The light indicators on the front show if you need more water, beans or to empty the excess water of coffee grounds.  This machine is less expensive than most espresso machines and is very easy to use.  I just press a button, finish my morning routine, and come back to a hot cup of coffee.


Brighton, MA


Saeco Odea Go Automatic Espresso Machine 00

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