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Saeco Magic Comfort Plus SuperAutomatic Espresso Coffee and Cappuccino Machine

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Great Easy to Use Espresso Machine


I am always weary of complicated kitchen gadgets, but my love for espresso and coffee drinks prompted me to invest in this machine. I have not been disappointed! My kitchen is now the source of happiness for the many coffee-lovers in my life! Brew Performance The Saeco Magic Comfort is adaptable to different sizes and tastes. Since it is so easy to use, each person can pick his or her favorite setting to brew their favorite coffee. Ease of Cleaning This machine is very easy to clean, despite the instructions being a little sparse. Ease of Use I am not very patient or handy, but this espresso machine was very intuitive to use. Temperature, quality of coffee and size were easy to manipulate for my convenience. Design The design is great, but not overly different from many other espresso machines. Durability So far it seems to be very durable. We are careful with it and keep it clean as recommended, but it definitely feels sturdy and long-lasting.

Miami, FL


Great Coffee


I have had my Saeco coffee maker for about 3 years now. I have had only one issue and it was easily fixed at home. I find that Saeco makes many other brands of coffee makers, so it you buy a Bosch or other brand it might actually be a Saeco. They also have great service and parts availbility. The coffee is great and with one button ease- it just does not get much better. The only warning I would give is make sure yuou get good beans and ones that are not too oily-- this can cause grinding problems.   I would recommend without any caveats. I would buy it agaian and I think it is one of the besty units out there. I would make sure I bought good coffee- as it really makes a difference.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Best Coffee Maker I have ever owned


I received the Saeco SuperAutomatic recently as a gift and am absolutely over the moon about it! I have always preferred to grind my own beans right before brewing coffee (it's the freshest that way), but the hassle of having a separate grinder and then transferring the ground beans into my drip coffee maker or french press was annoying. Worst of all, too often coffee would go to waste if we did not drink the whole pot. Now you can get one-at-a-time servings with the push of a button. I love the espresso feature and use it often too. This coffee maker hits the mark for me in every possible way. Since it's a bit pricey, I would suggest it make a great gift for a wedding or Christmas. Brew Performance This coffee maker brews flawless coffee and espresso drinks every single time. I make sure to buy quality beans for the best possible result. Ease of Cleaning This is the only area I'm not 100% about. It's a bit of a pain to clean, but well worth the effort. Ease of Use What's not to love? You press a button and it does all the work for you. Perfect. Design The Saeco coffee maker design is nice enough that I proudly keep it out on my kitchen counter - no need to hide it when company comes! Durability So far so good. I have not had any user issues and from what I hear from friends who own comparable devices, this Saeco coffee maker should last me a good long time.

Greensboro, NC


Saeco Magic Comfort Plus SuperAutomatic Espresso Coffee and Cappuccino Machine

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