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Saeco Aroma Traditional Espresso Machine 30013

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Saeco Aroma is an Affordable, Good Quality Home Espresso Machine


The Saeco Aroma is an excellent home espresso machine for those who are looking for quality, good features, and affordability.  I have owned this model since 2007 and have been extremely satisfied with it from day one.  Having used a much less quality (cheaper) espresso machine for several years prior to this purchase I took the time and effort of finding 'my next level up' espresso machine very seriously.  I researched just about every espresso website I could find, reading reviews and comparing prices.  I also read everything I could about what makes a great espresso and finally decided that for the money and the features included, this machine was the one.  I do not regret my choice at all.   The Good:  Easy to Operate; Heating feature on top of machine; easy cleanup; good pressure; sufficient steam capabilities; doesn't require a lot of cabinet space The Bad:  A bit of a wait time between the espresso being made and when you can start the frothing (but the heating tray on top keeps things warm while you wait) The Ugly:  Nothing  Conclusion:  There's so much that goes into making a great espresso (the right roast for the beans, using a burr grinder for grinding the beans yourself, the proper pressure when tamping, etc.) that just having a great espresso machine will not guarantee success.  However, with the Saeco Aroma, a decent burr grinder, great beans, and some self-education on how to make a perfect espresso, you can't go wrong with this machine.  It looks expensive, works really well for the price, and will last for years.   Brew Performance Still is a perfect brew every time Ease of Cleaning Few parts to clean Ease of Use Really straight forward and instructions were very clear Design Small and a great looking appliance Durability Has worked without issue now for over 5 years now

Lone Tree, CO


A good machine, wished it held up longer.


Saeco makes a good machine.  It lasted about three-four years.  Always gave a nice full creme and a full froth.  It was easy to use and came with a helpful video demonstration of how to use the machine.  I did some shopping around and found the price could varry widely depending on where you looked.  I ended up getting mine on sale at Bloomingdale's.  A lot of the larger department stores have big sales on espresso makers, so unless you need something right away, it pays to shop around.  The other factor in the decision was its made in Italy.  I tried the German machines and they just aren't as good.

Kensington, MD


A great home espresso machine


A great product without un-needed  bells and whistles!  The pressure is sufficient to produce a nice golden crema.  Both espresso and steam have plenty of heat.  The machine is simple to use without having to learn much.  Still takes a little time to heat up, but gives a better product than the "magic cappacino" machine.  The steam wand produces a great froth!  I had to change my milk frothing habit to accomadate for quick, full froth production.

Pearland, TX


Saeco Aroma Traditional Espresso Machine 30013

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