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SNES (Super Nintendo) Console

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The best gaming system!


The Super Nintendo Console is still by far the best gaming system in my opinion. I believe the games are more fun than a lot of the games that are made for newer gaming systems. Super Nintendo has classic games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario that are also more appropriate for kids, unlike the newer games that mostly include shootings. There are violent games, but there are so many more options for kids that are also simple for them to figure out. I love this system and I wish they had continued to make games for it. Graphics Quality It depends on the TV you own. If you own an older TV the graphics have a good quality, however if you own a newer HD TV then the graphics are not going to look as nice. Game Variety Super Nintendo has so many different games for all ages. Super Nintendo has a lot of Disney Games for kids. Super Nintendo also has a lot of games based on movies and shows, like the Simpsons and the Addams Family. There also so many different classic games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and Space Invaders. Controller Comfort This controller is very easy to use, unlike some newer controllers. The controller is very straightforward, which makes it simple for anyone to figure out. Ease of Use I think I enjoy this system so much because it is so easy to use. It is easy to hook up to a TV and also easy to play. Durability I have had my Super Nintendo for almost twenty years and it still works perfectly!



SNES (Super Nintendo) Console

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