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SIRIUS - Stiletto

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This is Sirius' first version of a totally portable receiver. I have had good luck with the reception when it is portable, however, when in the car dock(not included), I can't manage to get a clear signal. There is always a bit of static no matter what radio frequency I am using.   It is not too notacable when there is music playing, however, when listening to talk radio(I'm a huge Bubba and Howard mark), you can notice it quite a bit more.  Some channels are better than others and just have to be messed with.Another good function of the Stiletto100 is the Wi-Fi capability. If you are anywhere there is a wireless connection, you can directly connect to Sirius Internet Radio and stream it directly from your unit!All in all, this is a good buy. It is a huge upgrade from the previous, semi portable, S50...


Cortland, NY


Not worth the money


This was my second sirius radio. The first one lasted two years and was OK but whe the Stiletto 100 came out and  they said it was portable I could not wait. I ordered the radio, the home docking station, the car kit, the car installation kit (so you do not have to use the cigatette lighter adaptor, makes a cleaner look). I was slightly disappointed even at first. It is not portable in the sense that you can go for a jog and listen to satellite radio, not even close. The only way you stand a shot at getting a signal is to use these giant uncomfortable headphones, and even then you better not have anything overhead, or around you for that matter. If you dont use the portable headphone antenae, your wasting you time. It basically has to be stationary or it looses the signal. Also the battery in satellite mode might last an hour. So no dock no satellite. So what about wifi? Well you better be within 30 feet of the signal or once again no luck. So after all that it was still cool that i could record to the device and listen back whenever i wanted. Well until the radio started overheating and loosing signal. So you have to remove the batteryand reboot, wich takes 3-4 minutes. It started doing this more frequently until the satellite reciever now doesnt work at all. Don't try customer service, they will only try to sell you a new radio and charge you a reconnect fee. In december my contract is up and no more Sirius for me. Anyone want a broken radio? If you don't belive me google -sirius -stiletto -overheat and find out for yourself.


Galena, OH




I have had nothing but problems with this model.  to many glitches to list,but here are a couple.  The unit continuosly restarts itself for no reason.  It locks up with no sound and you have to remove the battery to reset it.  Sirius customer service has acnowledged it is a poor design.  I will never buy a sirius product overloaded with features agian.


Helena, AL


Best gift ever


I have had this for about 2 years, and I love it.  This makes my satellite radio potable.  I can save songs and play them whenever I want.  It is like having an MP3 player and a satellite radio all in one.  I bought the rugged case for it to keep it safe, and I have had no problems, and have dropped it several times.  It is very sturdy.  You do not to buy a home dock and such if you want to be able to use it without headphones, but overall it is a great buy.


Buffalo, NY


SIRIUS - Stiletto

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