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SIRIUS - Sportster SP4-TK1 Satellite Radio Receiver with Car Kit


SIRIUS Radio, Compact, For Car, Home Use, With FM Transmitter, Includes: Car Kit, Mounting Cradle/Arm, Lighter Power Adapter, Ante...

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Let the music set you free!


Tired of commercial radio and listening to the sam music over and over again?Cruise through your day with a variety of music, talk shows and sports shows with this radio. It is versatile and can go almost anywhere you go. With the proper antenna, you can use it in your car or office. An home adaptor is also available for your home stereo. No matter what mood you are in, you will find the music to match your mood.

Indianapolis, IN


SIRIUS Sportster - Pump Up the Jam!


The SIRIUS Sportster (and of course the necessary SIRIUS subscription) has been - hands down - one of the best investments my family has ever made.  A big claim?  Not hardly.  We live in northern Montana and not only are our choices for music woefully limited in our small town, but we take a number of roadtrips which leaves us with no radio whatsoever. We had the SIRIUS Sportster installed this past March and have loved every second.  EVER.  A great thing about the Sportster is that you can remove it easily from its base.  This is perfect for theft deterrence or in our case to protect it from the -25F nights we have during the winter.  The Sportster is also compatible with the SIRIUS boombox so you can enjoy your music at home, at the beach, etc without the need for a second receiver/subscription.  I typically have ours on for most of the day when I am at home. One feature that I really love on this little unit is the ability to rewind the programming for up to an hour and a half.  Want to hear a song again?  No problem! After having the Sportster and SIRIUS subscription, I will never go back to traditional radio.  



Never Leave Home Without It!


SIRIUS Sportster ROCKS!  I have the car kit and the home kit and it was the greatest gift my brother gave me (including subscription.)  If he ever decided to stop paying for my subscription I would give up coffee to keep it. If you love music, if you drive, well for that matter if you breath you have to get the SIRIUS Sportster! The only time I lose signal is if I am in a long tunnel or stuck in traffic under the bridge or under alot of trees.

Olympia, WA


I'm in love


I just got my Sirius for Christmas, had it installed right away. I'm loving it! There is nothing like being able to choose the kind of music I want to hear and then boom at the click of a button on my dash I got it... With no commercials... ahhhhh the 24/7 Comedy is awesome!

Bridgeport, PA


SIRIUS - Sportster SP4-TK1 Satellite Radio Receiver with Car Kit

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