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Serta Vera Wang 10" Memory Foam Set

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=Serta Ver Wang Memory Foam Set = "AAAAHHHHHHH" Wonderful !


This is the MOST COMFORTABLE mattress I have ever slept on, more than my sisters sleep number bed (which I slept on for a week when I visited), more than the tempurpedic which I used to own (it got extremely hot and triggered my hot flashes). I LOVE This Mattress Comfort I sleep on my stomach and I have large breasts and belly. This mattress really supports all of my curves. Support When I wake up in the morning after sleeping on this mattress my back feels wonderful. No stiffness, no pain, in fact my whole body feels wonderful! I can sleep straight through the night whereas on my old mattress I would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes with pain in my back and sometimes my knees would hurt as well. None of that with this mattress. Firmness There is just enough firmness; not too hard and not too soft Durability I purchased this mattress 4 years ago and it has survived me, my great dane, and 3 moves between states and still is as comfortable and looks as pretty as when I first bought it.



Serta Vera Wang 10" Memory Foam Set

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