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SAMY esencia by samy

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Love it!


I really love the Esencia White Lotus shampoo. It smells super great, and leaves my hair feeling silky and soft. I have oily hair, and this shampoo makes my hair feel really clean. Never tried the conditioner, but the shampoo is one of the best I've ever used.

Mansfield, Ohio


Smells great--but you can't get it out of your hair!


esencia Mandarin Citrus Volumizing Shampoo (by samy) promises to add volume, body & shine, but unfortunately what it actually delivers is a greasy mess to your hair, skin, and shower. It smells great--very citrusy, crisp, happy and fresh--but you can't get it out of your hair! After using it, my hair and my skin felt like I had just dunked myself in baby oil. Slick and greasy. And it left my shower floor slippery too! esencia left so much conditioner on my hair that I was afraid I would have to wash it again with another brand just to get the goop out so it wouldn't be flat and pasted to my head (if you're like me and have fine straight hair you know what I'm talking about--and it's not pretty). If you're into the shampoos with conditioners, this is one you might like--it certainly smells yummy, like you could almost eat it on ice cream! But if you're like me and you like your hair to be slick and "squeaky" after you wash it, pass this one by.

Louisville, KY


esencia by Samy is a natural shampoo but not so great


This is some expensive shampoo. I was expecting some amazing results. Some of these smell good, like the citrus scent, but the white lotus smells bad. The bottle makes you think you are getting something that will make your hair feel luxurious. Wrong! It dosen't help wwith tangles  or make my hair feel soft and smooth. The conditioner is not so great either. My hair seemed to get oily a day after using this stuff. Also, I wouldn't recommend using it on color-treated hair. I watched my color fade fast. It seemed like it lasted about 15 days and then lost that shine. It claims to be 98% all natural (I think.) Don't let this fool you. Just because something is mostly made from natural products, dosen't make it better. I probably would not buy this again. I don't think it is worth it. I have used shampoos that gave much better results. This simply isn't worth the high price. It also takes a lot more than most shampoos to get a good lather going.

Four Oaks, NC


Made scalp itch! but smelled great


This was on sale so I was totally thrilled because it was mostly natural and ohhh myy gooshhh it smelled SOOO good!!! It smells like an orange product from a store at the mall that gets burned as an oil and you can smell everywhere. I was so excited to try it! I got two bottles. Unfortunately, the rebate tags were expired (I sent them in anyways) but that's my stores fault as they carry old merchandise. bummer. The top of the container is sort of awkard, you think it come sout the top of the ball from squeezing, but no you unscrew it. Then you have this large ball cap you have to set somewhere, which is just a little odd, but no big deal. Just maybe something they should change. So it suds up well, nice feeling. I would not rebuy it despite the AMAZING smell in the bottle because it made my scalp itch some! It is a volumnzing shampoo so sometimes those irritate my scalp a bit. It also smells a bit different when you put the shampoo in your hair, almost pine like, which is a bit sad. I have noticed that with another shampoo that smelled great in the bottle.

East Lansing, MI


Affordable sulfate-free hair cair


I have had some skin issues so I've been experimenting with natural-origin, sulfate-free products.  This is one of the more affordable ones I have found, and it is readily available in drug stores.  I love the smell of these products and generally like the way my hair feels afterwards, and I do think my skin is improving.  However, I find I need to alternate "regular" shampoo every few hair washings or my hair starts feeling a little bit greasy.  So although I like this, I couldn't rely on it exclusively.

Hinton, VA


Essencia shampoo is nothing like I've ever used before!


Esencia Shampoo is new on the market but is an amazing product! I have limp, lifeless hair that typically looks great for two days after I showering and washing my hair with a new shampoo.  I bought Esencia shampoo only because I had a coupon but boy am I glad I did! I used the shampoo, expecting my typical results but on the third day, my hair was still volumous and beautiful, and the same with the fourth and fifth days! Continuing to use this shampoo, for about a month now it is the best! My hair has never looked healthier or had more volume or been more shiny. This shampoo is inexpensive and sold at most drugstores.  It works better than any shampoo I have tried from a professional beauty salon or beauty supply store.  There are many scents and types fro different hair.  I use the Esencia Mandarin Citrus Voluming Shampoo. I also tried the hydrating but the smell is not my favorite, The scent of the shampoo also wakes me up in the morning which is always a plus!  Try it! If your hair is like mine then it'll be the uplift and change you need!

Iselin, NJ


SAMY esencia by samy

3.5 6