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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Disney ProPack LX Travel System Stroller

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Stroller system is good, but room for improvement.


My husband and I purchased this entire collection 2 1/2 years ago before my daughter was born. I really do like the pattern and such. However, overall there is definetly room for improvment. The carseat works well and is easy to adjust. However, the baby cannot be in the carseat to adjust it because the straps adjust from underneath. If you are trying to fit it to your baby this can make for a difficult process. Also, we have more than one vehicle and wanted to purchase a second base so that we could easily move it from car to car. Unlike the carseat the bases were not available at any store. We had to purchase a second one offline at the company's site. Slightly innconvinient when you are looking to use it immediately. The stoller has a large  basket underneath to carry things such as a diaper bag or purse when out. It also has 2 cupholders by the handle to carry mom and dad's drinks along with a small compartment convinient for things such as keys when on  a walk. The seat leans back and forward however, does not lay flat. This can be innconvinent when you need to change a diaper or lay the baby back for a nap. It does have a nice little tray for snacks and a cup for the little one. However, it can be difficult to reach until the toddler is older. Lastly, the wheels are not made well for traveling anything other than pavement. They are not rubber, but plastic.That makes if difficult for any kind of fair or outdoor trip that is not on a road or sidewalk. Overall, we will stick with this stroller, but it does have much room for improvement.

Apollo, PA


I love this Disney stroller, it's cute and bigger than I thought


I bought this stroller and car seat August this year. I have not used it yet because I am currently pregnant, but I did check everything in the box and so far I love it. Compared to other travel systems, this Disney set is bigger. It seems the baby will have enough room with comfortable straps. I gave this system four stars because I have not used it yet. All in all I think I picked the right one for my unborn baby! 

Chicago, IL


Safety 1st Disney ProPack LX Travel System Stroller

3.5 2