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S. Rosen's
S. Rosen's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread with Sesame & Poppy Seeds

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Delicious and nutritious, but hard to find.


I absolutely love S. Rosen's bread line and finally got to try their multi-grain bread.  This stuff is delicious and allows you to eat healthy with sacrificing taste.  This bread is substantial and reminds me of the good bread you get at nice resturants.  The only problem I have is finding it...it seems to only be available in Illinois, so I get it whenever I travel to that part of the country.


Elkridge, MD


This bread and I may live happily ever after!


It took a determined and fascinating journey through Bread-Land to reach this point, but I think I may have found a bread that I like so much that I have bought three loaves of it now, one after the other.  There may be cuter buns out there on the beach, but my heart now belongs to ***S. Rosen's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread with Sesame & Poppy Seeds***.  The famous S. Rosen bakery has been kneading dough since 1909 right here in Chicago and it is not surprising that they should have come up with something that would satisfy even me. **STATS:** A slice constitutes a single serving which contains 110 calories with 15 calories from fat, one and a half grams total fat, zero each saturated, trans, and monounsaturated fat, half a gram polyunsaturated fat, zero cholesterol, 140 mg. sodium, 23 grams total carbs, three grams dietary fiber, four grams each sugars and protein and the following minerals and vitamins:  2% (D.V.) Calcium, 8% each Iron and Niacin, 10% each Thiamin and Folate, and 6% Riboflavin. **TASTE TIP:** Toast ***S. Rosen's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread with Sesame & Poppy Seeds*** for breakfast and spread with a little peanut butter, butter, or margarine and a dose of *[Smucker's Sugar Free Seedless Blackberry Jam][1] *.  It's almost worth getting up for (even for those of us who are **not** morning personalities)!   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Smuckers-Sugar-Free-Seedless-Blackberry-Jam-reviews


Oak Park, IL


S. Rosen's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread with Sesame & Poppy Seeds

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