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S Curl
S Curl Luster

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Curls, Waves, & Natural Hair


**S Curl is one of my favorite hair product. I like that it has the activator and moisturizer together. I use it because I have a curly perm. But you can also use it on waves and natural hair.  Using it daily helps keep my hair condition. It contains glcerine and vitamin B5. Which help with breakage and keep my hair curl. I don't have to worry about it driping, because it has a special  no drip formula. So you don't have to worry about it running on your clothers or pillow cases.  Doesn't leave a greasy build up. You just spray it on evenly over your entire head and message completely through, then style. Comes in a 8 fl. oz bottle. Luster's Curl also have more products hair gel, styling spray,  kits, wave jet activator, braiding hair. They have products for women and men of color. My hair doesn't dry out when I use S curl luster spray. You can also get in a 16 oz bottle. Has many more products.**  

Asheville, NC


S Curl Luster

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