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Ryobi weed wacker

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The Ryobi weedeater has that the longest


I have lived in my house for 8 years and the Ryobi weed eater is now my fourth weed eater.  So far it has lasted the longest.  Compared to some weed eaters it was relatively inexpensive.  It is easy to use once you gets the line in.  For some reason it was very tricky for me to get the line put in it right and it took me looking at the instructions rather than just being able to figure it out.  Oh well, it gave my lovely wife an excuse for saying, "Read the instructions!"  It is easy to hold and move around.  It is the right length and I do not have bserious back pain once done weed eating.  The line last long enough as well as the gas.  It is not too heavy either.  It is easy to start and I have had no problems with it not starting.  The colors are cool and appealed to me because they were not the typical colors of the other weed eaters.  I do hope this is the last weed eater I have to buy in a long while and that my thoughts stay positive about this weed eater!



Ryobi weed wacker

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