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Circular Saws
Ryobi P501 Circular Saw

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The Ryobi P501 is a handy tool to have in your toolbag!


The Ryobi P501 circular saw is a light and powerful to be battery operated.  Ryobi makes an 18 Volt rechargable battery system with a variety of tools.  Since just after Katrina hit in 2005, I have been using Ryobi battery operated tools for most of the work aroud the house.  The P501 can be used anywhere without worrying with a lot of extension cord.  I have several batteries and two chargers to use with several Ryobi tools and am of assured of always having power available.  The batteries can be charged on a portable generator if needed and the tools can be used without being tethered to the power source.  Because it is battery operated, it can be used in areas where power is not available, just be sure to charge all the batteries before doing work.  I rely on Ryobi tools.  The P501 is limited by its 4" blade diameter, but has the power to cut through anything that size.  I was able to use it when there was no electrical service available and am able to use it away from the house without an extension cord.  I hope I never have to use them to clean up and repair after another hurricane, but I know they are available.  As with any tool, safety is a primary concern.  The P501 ahould not be used for jobs for which it was not intended.

Slidell, LA


Ryobi P501 Circular Saw

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