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Ryobi CS26

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Tough to Start


My old Ryobi always started easily, but this one has had consistent problems since it was new. Gap is good, spark is good, fuel is good, but won't run without repeated attempts, every time. My next trimmer won't be a Ryobi.

New Jersey


don't waste your money


this is the worst piece of equipment i have ever used! luckily it was inexpensive. this trimmer worked well the first 3 times, but has quickly declined in performance. it constantly stalls and takes multiple attempts to start



The Ryobi CS26 actually makes me want to garden


The Ryobi CS26 is my first gas-powered garden appliance.  I'd been put off by small engines in the past and stuck to electric only, but the thought of untangling the 100ft cable each week was too much and I finally gave in and went gas. I decided to go with the CS26 primarily due to the ability to remove the trimmer attachment and add a tiller/edger/blower/brush-cutter etc (all available separately).  I was a little concerned that it might be jack of all trades but master of none but went ahead anyway. The other possibility was the SS26.  The SS26 has a straight trimming attachment versus the CS26's curved one.  The SS26 weighs one pound more but has a slightly bigger cutting area. The initial setup took about 5 minutes and was just a matter of adding a handle and guard.  Removing and attaching the accessories literally takes 5 seconds but beware of holding the trimmer upright when you do this.  When you remove the attachment, the trimmer is suddenly top-heavy (where the engine is) and gravity forces the engine towards the ground.  You have to be careful not to drop it So far, I've tried the weed whip (much more powerful than my electric one) and the tiller attachment.  Both are doing a stellar job.  I was a little concerned with the weight, but the weed whip attachment and the motor balance out so it's not a problem. The only problem I had was when buying the 'promo' pack with a free bottle of G-Oil (to mix in the gas.)  It's apparantly a known problem at Ryobi that the oil is not thick enough.  Eventually this *will* sieze up the motor.  I initially had problems starting the engine and so I called the Ryobi helpline.  They told me about the oil problem and recommended I change the unit at the point of purchase.  I did this, got some proper oil (non G-Oil) and all's been good.  

Winston, GA


Ryobi CS26

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