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Chain Saws
Ryobi Battery Operated Chainsaw

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Small but Powerful


For the size of chainsaw that it is, and the fact that it is battery operated, this thing will cut through most of anything. As long as you kep up on the maintenance, this chainsaw will last forever. The only issue being that it will go through chains for it, which isn't really surprising, and the fact tha, like everything else, this product will not last forever, unles you take care of it.



This Ryobi Battery Operated Chainsaw works great for me


I have several Ryobi 18 volt battery operated power tools, and as with the others, I have found that the chain saw works great for what I need. Although I am a 65 year old widow, I still keep active with my outdoor projects. Around my property, there several trees, which have lost limbs over the years. I have used my chain saw to cut the limbs into smaller sizes for a bonfire, and find it works great for this. I've also cut several branches from lower parts of the trees, branches that have gotten in my way while I am mowing the grass. Of course, this is not a high powered chain saw, by any means and I am sure it was never intended to be. But, for my needs, it works great, and I find it very convenient to have on hand. It will really be put to good use when the weather breaks, because I have had several limbs fall in my back yard due to a recent ice and wind storm. Just another project to be done come spring time!

Harrison, OH


Ryobi Battery Operated Chainsaw

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