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Ryobi BT-2500 Portable Table Saw

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I have lost faith in Ryobi products.


I guess I am going to have to buy the Ryobi BT-2500, if I buy Ryobi products at all. I use a table saw almost all the time when I am doing remodeling on my home. This is my 5th home to remodel and I need a saw that can take the work load. I currently own a BTS15 Ryobi 10 in. Table saw. In the first 6 months, my lock on the guide rail broke so I use clamps to keep it from moving. Recently I remodeled my daughters house and the on/off switch broke so I have to plug in/ unplug to control the power. I have really lost faith in Ryobi products as they have not stood up to the strenuous working conditions of a remodeler.


Fort Wayne, IN


I can do so much more with this saw


I recently purchased the Ryobi Portable Table Saw because I've been helping my parents renovate an old house.  It took way longer than expected to put it together (that is its only downfall).  Cutting longer boards is so much easier than using a miter saw!  I really wish I would have purchased this sooner.


Escondido, CA


Ryobi BT-2500 Portable Table Saw

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