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Ryobi 3/8 inch Clutch Corded Driver/Drill

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Great tool for the price- Ryobi Corded Drill


I was able to pick up the Ryobi 3/8 Corded drill for 19.99 and I feel I got great value for the price I paid.  While I like cordless drills much better then drills that need a constant power supply, this drill does exactly whatIi need for the price I paid.  It's great to have around when my cordless drills run out of juice, especially when I'm doing work in the cold garage in winter.  (Cold weather can strip your battery.)  It's also heavy duty enough to handle tough jobs and for the cost I'll drive this tool into the ground and not be as concerned about replacement later.  I wouldn't recommend this tool for job site construction but for home and hobby use it's great. I like the Ryobi line of tools because for the most part they are less expensive then some of the bigger brands and they hold up pretty well with normal use.  I've come to learn that many of the newer Ryobi tools are rivals for quality with many of the bigger names in tools and my experience with the product listed and others I would recommend this tool and the Ryobi brand to anyone.

Hartford, MI


The Ryobi D46CK is the way to go - goodby to hi cost batteries


RYOBI D46CK CORDED CLUTCH DRIVER/DRILL REVIEW This is the way to go. Goodby to hi cost batteries! With a large cattle ranch, I had been using a 3/8 9.6v Makita for some time. I got tired of always picking it up, only to find the battery was low. Even with a good charger and 3 batteries, it was always a pain. And I had to buy new batteries way too often! The refurbished Ryobi and a Vector 750 watt inverter work together great. Now I can always have a driver/drill that works, wether I am on my truck, tractor or golf cart. It seems robust. I can drill 1/2" holes no sweat. I can drive 3/8 x 5" lag bolts no sweat. I can set drywall screws just right. I can set rubber washer roof screws just perfect. Time will tell how it lasts. I have some drills that are 50 years old and going strong. Come back in 30 years.!!!

Raymond, CA


Ryobi 3/8 inch Clutch Corded Driver/Drill

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