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Ryobi 18-Volt Blower P2102

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Yes I would buy again.


Tube keeps blowing off! I plan to return for an exchange.

Ft Lauderdale


Good for small yards


When our gas powered leaf blower quit working, my husband opted for a battery powered new one. Since I was the one to use it most often, he thought it would be lighter and easier for me to use. It was easy to use, but the battery power is limited, so if you have large projects, go for a different option. Weight This leaf blower is very light and easy to use. I didn't have a problem even after 20 minutes of use. Performance There was enough power in this leaf blower to blow the leaves in our yard into a large pile. It also did a great job of cleaning off the sidewalk and the garage floor. My main complaint is that the battery life is extremely short. Within 20 minutes it began shutting off and after another few minutes I had to dislodge the battery and recharge it. I was only about halfway through with the job I was doing so it was pretty annoying. We've considered purchasing a backup battery, but for the price I think we'll end up returning this and getting another gas powered model. So, if you have small jobs this is a good bet, but if you have larger projects I'd opt for another leaf blower. Handling While this isn't as easy to use as a back pack unit, it was light and fairly easy to maneuver. Ease of Use While this unit was easy to use, it was difficult getting the battery into and out of position.

Midland, MI


Ryobi - at least it's light weight


My husband brought this home because pretty much all his tool stuff was Ryobi. All the machinery..whatever they call it.. use the same 18 volt battery so it's super convenient if you have a bunch of Ryobi tools already, a charger and multiple batteries you can just slide the battery into this sucker and start blowing leaves or what have you. Make sure you have that charger and extra battery because you're going to need it! Couldn't completely blow all the leaves out of one large flower bed. But it is very convenient if you have the batteries. It is very very light weight, we've let our child help with leaf blowing and at times he ends up dragging the tip on the concrete because he isn't paying attention, and it still hasn't broke. It was not very expensive and the plus was that it wasn't a gas blower. But this isn't a super blower sometimes you have to go really close to blow the leaves therefore you'll be outside longer and you'll have to replace the battery.



Light and easy


I didn't set out to buy a leaf blower, not thinking that I would really use it. But this came in a set with a weed whipper I wanted, so it was like a "bonus". That being said, I love this thing! It is very light and easy to use. It has full power right up until the battery dies, which is a fairly long time on each charge. The only problem I have is that I have small hands and have a hard time reaching around the battery to push the two buttons on either side to remove it for charging.

Capac, MI


The Ryobi 18 volt blower is a real labor saver!


The Ryobi 18 Volt blower is really a labor saver.  Ryobi makes an 18 Volt rechargable battery system with a variety of tools.  Since just after Katrina hit in 2005, I have been using Ryobi battery operated tools for most of the work aroud the house.  The 18 volt blower is powerful to take care of most jobs you need a blower for.  I use it to clean up after wood working projects, sweep the driveway and sidewalks after mowing, rake grass clippings and dry up water puddles.  Being battery operated, I don't have to fight with a lot of extension cord, mix gas and oil, or use a lot of effort for starting.  I have several batteries and two chargers to use with several Ryobi tools and am of sured of always having power available.  The batteries can be charged on a portable generator if needed and the tools can be used without being tethered to the power source.  Because it is battery operated, it can be used in areas where power is not available, just be sure to charge all the batteries before doing work.  I rely on Ryobi tools.  I hope I never have to use them to clean up and repair after another hurricane, but I know they are available.

Slidell, LA


Ryobi 18-Volt Blower P2102

3.8 5