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Rutland White Off Glass-Ceramic Cleaner

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Came with my new glass top stove.


When we purchased our new glass top stove, a container of Rutland White Off Glass-Ceramic cleaner was included as a free gift. This worked out very well, because I do a lot of cooking for my growing family and always am spilling stuff on the stove. It wasn't long after starting to use the stove that I had to break out the bottle of White Off cleaner and give it a try. I was pretty pleased with the results as it quickly and with a minimal amount of effort kept my stove looking fresh and new. I ran out of this one time and figured I would just use some other cleaner that I figured was equivalent, I think it was Soft Scrub, and nope, it definitely was not the same at all. It also states on the bottle that it is good for stainless steel, so I gave it a try on my sink that was looking rather well used and wow, it really cleaned it up nicely and made it shine. It also was able to break down and clean the crud around the bottom of the faucet that had built up over the years because of hard water.



Rutland White Off Cleans More Than I Expected!


When my husband and I purchased our model home approximately ten years ago, it came equipped with a GE ceramic cook top range. On the rare occasion that I cook a meal, inevitably whatever I am cooking, boils over and I have a big mess. I went to my local hardware store to find a cleaner for the ceramic cook top so it would look like new for years to come. I have seen nasty cook tops with crud that has never been removed and probably never will. The clerk recommended I use Rutland White Off Glass-Ceramic Cleaner. The 8 oz. bottle contains a white liquid which is supposed to clean without scratching. The directons on the back of the bottle state: Allow surface to cool before cleaning, shake well and apply to surface, rub vigorously with a paper towel, remove excess cleaner and buff with a new paper towel. This cleaner really works! I have to go over the burned on crud several times, but the cook top always looks like new after cleaning with this great product. I never even read the label on the front of the bottle until recently. Rutland White Off also removes white mineral residue on gas fireplace doors. I wish I had known about this product before, for I used a car paste wax to remove the white residue from my glass fireplace doors. Using White Off would have been much easier! The back of the bottle states that White Off can also be used for cleaning stainless steel sinks and fiberglass showers and sinks. This product should not be used on plastic or plexiglass. **Caution:** Contains silica, isopropyl alcohol, and detergents. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes and call a physician. White Off is marketed by Rutland Products and made in the U.S.A. - YAY! Thank you for reading my review.

Cleveland, OH


Rutland White Off Glass-Ceramic Cleaner

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