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Rust-Oleum Hammered Plastic Spray Paint

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Rust-Oleum gives a premium look to even PVC


When my wife and I are setting up indoor displays for her craft business we want to use a material that is sturdy but lightweight. PVC piping is a perfect material to work with since it is commonly available in any number of sizes with connection fittings to match. It doesn't hurt that PVC is relatively inexpensive either. If there's a drawback at all it's the crude industrial appearance of PVC pipe. Recently we decided to use Rust-Oleum Hammered Plastic Spray Paint to spruce up a new display. We've always painted our PVC displays, but the results were at best marginal and retouching after each show was always necessary. **Rust-Oleum Hammered Plastic Spray Paint - Hammered Silver** We chose to use Rust-Oleum Hammered Plastic Spray Paint - Hammered Silver to give our stands a modern metallic look. The end result was beautiful and the display's finish is standing up well to our assembling/disassembling and transporting from home to show. Painting pipe or anything tubular is never a cake walk. But, because we were going for a hammered appearance, application of the paint in short dusting bursts actually added to the textured appearance. Before attempting to paint PVC be sure to give it a light sanding to give the paint a surface to adhere to. It's not necessary to sand off the printing on the pipe. The paint will take care of that. Quality It's rare that I'm ever disappointed by the quality of Rust-Oleum paint. Rust-Oleum Hammered Plastic Spray Paint is no exception. Durability So far this paint has held up well especially given the amount of handling it's exposed to. My guess is that it will hold up extremely well to flat surfaces that see just minimal wear. Coverage Considering we were spraying tubular items in an outdoor setting, coverage was better than expected. Ease of Appliation Especially for our project application was very easy since variations of spraying motion didn't detract from the finished product. Short brief sprays result in the highest quality finish.

Boca Raton, FL


Rustoleum for Plastic is innovative


I was helping my daughter paint the outside of her home and one of the things we needed to paint was the plastic shutter's.  They were in good condition; except for the faded paint, and my daughter wanted to spruce them up with a new color. In the past, you could never find a paint that would adhere to plastic very well.  But now RustOleum has a spray paint specially made just for plastic.  It doesn't require a primer and can be used for interior or exterior projects.  The paint has a semi-gloss finish and is washable.The shutters we painted were originally maroon colored, but we painted them a dark green and it took three cans to cover the eight shutters with two coats.  We first power washed the shutters and let them dry throughly. The first coat we lightly sprayed each shutter, so we wouldn't leave any drips and then about an hour later we applied the second coat to give them a nice even coat.It has been over a year since we painted them and they still look brand new!

Swanton, OH


Rust-Oleum Hammered Plastic Spray Paint

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