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Russell Hobbs Ellora 13552  Electric Kettle

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Russelll Hobbs Ellora Electric Kettle works fantastic!


I would start off by saying I hadn't heard much about 'Russelll Hobbs Ellora' at all ever. I didn't ever see advertisements and has never even heard the name. But then i got htis... and did some research and reviwes and such before I bought it. But I can say this... it has not let me down. It's very heavy duty, and lasts a long time. It works really fast, and really gets the water hot and boiling hard. It keeps the water hot even after it shuts off. It also shuts off automatically which is a great safety feature. It holds lots of water, and heats very swiftly even when it's fully filled. It's very affordable- and it is of great quality. I've had mine for almost a year now, and haven't had any problems with it. Love this and use it everyday:)

Manitowoc, WI


Keeps water boiling hot!


I use this kettle at my church and it works very well, without the whistle that most other kettles make. This is always warmed up during service and afterwards, it is available for anyone to use to make coffee or tea. I used it to make coffee and the water is really hot, without the boiling sound a kettle makes. All it needs is an outlet and water (or any other liquid) and it will boil! This was something new to me because oftentimes I would only use a real kettle and a gas stove, but this makes it better because when it boils, it was quiet during the service. Even better, it is portable and can be used anywhere I decide on going on a vacation to. The electric kettle is the best for those that are always travelling our prefer hot water without a gas stove and the whistle of a manual kettle.

Detroit, MI


Russell Electric Kettle - Sturdy and Safe


Russell Hobbs RH13552 Ellora 1-2/3-Liter Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle is a cordless unit made of durable stainless steel.It is powered by a powerful 1200 watt concealed heating element. Handle is so cool that you even do not feel that the Kettle is too hot.Heating element is properly concealed and employs an easy-to-open hinged lid, heat-resistant plastic housing.It is also easy to clean as the element is only at the bottom of the kettle and not coming up through the whole kettle. It boils really quickly so this type of element definitely works.I previously owned one which had the heating rod poking right in the middle of the kettle which obstructed the cleaning. The electric kettle is cordless, so you may take the pot away from its heating station, to anywhere in the home or office.It has few cons as well, probably a little bigger than it needs to be and so takes up a bit too much counter space. The plug lead is also pretty short. The owner's manual suggested boiling water in it the first time, discarding it and then using it as normal. When this didn't work we tried cleaning it with vinegar, then dish detergent all with no success.

Cupertino, CA


Electric kettles are great for big-time coffee and tea drinkers


I got tired of boiling hot water on the stove all the time so one day I went out to go buy an electric kettle. I drink at least 2 cups of cofee in the daytime and then drink hot tea all night long. I use instant coffee so all I have to do is pour hot water in, same with the tea that I drink. The electric kettle is very convenient to use because you can heat up a lot of water at a time, and then just leave it in there for a long time. I've even used it after 2 hours and the water is still really hot....not steaming hot, but still hot enough to make my tea. The kettle is cordless so you can carry it around to wherever you want, and the spout is the perfect size. It saves a lot of space and is more portable than getting one of those water machines with big bottles of water that you have to refill. They take up too much space.

Ontario, CA


This Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle is great!


I am used to using an electric kettle for boiling water rather than a stove-top kettle. So, when I found out that you could actually buy electric kettles in the US, I immediately went to work to find a good affordable one. And this Russell Hobbs electric kettle is perfect. Not only has it got a large capacity (which means you can heat a lot of water in it rather than a saucepan when cooking, as well as the traditional usage of boiling water for hot beverages) but it is quick and easy to use. I like the cordless feature - you can carry the kettle to the sink without fear of dropping the plug in water. I also like the fact that it boils water so quickly and quietly. It has a low minimum setting - enabling a quick boil for that morning coffee. I like the chrome finish to the kettle - it gives it style and elegance in my kitchen. Overall, I highly recommend this electric kettle for speed, design and efficiency.

Tryon, NC


Russell Hobbs Ellora 13552 Electric Kettle

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