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Rusk passion flower leave-in conditioner

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Pricey and Heavy


I'm naturally blonde which means that I have rather fine hair.  Unfortunately I purchased a considerably large, expensive bottle of Rusk leave-in-conditioner, and I haven't been thrilled with the results.  Although I believe that it protects my hair, I also believe that it seriously weighs it down.  I try to not use a ton of this product (around a dime-sized amount for shoulder length hair), but unfortunately it feels as if it is always too much.  My hair feels greasy by the ends of the day (something it normally doesn't do), and its hard for me to give my hair any sort of volume after I use this product.  I'm sure that Rusk's leave-in conditioner would be great for someone with thicker hair, but beware if you're in the fine haired club! I also think that this stuff is rather expensive.  I've used both expensive products and cheaper hair products, and I find that it works the same as other competing, more economical brands.


Chicago, IL


Rusk Leave-in Conditioner for healthy, shiny hair!


I love Rusk Passion Flower Leave-in Conditioner!  I actually bought this product for my 3 daughters ages 6, 8, and 10.  We are an active family who love the outdoors and watersports.  I was finding that there hair was becoming very unhealthy with lots of split ends, breakage and lack of shine probably related to swimming.  My hairdresser recommended Rusk Leave-in Condtioner.  This product works great!  Over time, their hair became more healthy looking and much more manageable!  My middle daughter used to wake up in the morning with huge tangles, trust me... a really huge mess, in the back of her hair.   She hasn't woke up with that sort of mess since I've been using this product!  What works for us is to wash and condition hair as usual.  Then, when the kids get out of the shower or bath, I rub in a small amount into their clean hair.  I then comb it through and let it air dry.  The product is very light, it doesn't cause their hair to be greasy at all!  I highly recommend this product!!!


Mackinaw, IL


Rusk passion flower leave-in cond. smells,looks,n feels great


I use Rusk passion flower leave-in conditioner after every shampoo. Since I started using it over a year ago my scalp and hair are healthier, shinier, less frizz and I always get compliments about how my hair looks, feels and smells wonderful.


Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Rusk passion flower leave-in conditioner

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