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Rusk 1" Ceramic Str8 Iron Hair Straightener

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Rusk hair straightener works great


Rusk 1" Ceramic Str8 Iron Hair Straightener works great. I bought a Rusk straightener to replace my Chi that had stopped working. I now prefer my Rusk 1" Ceramic Str8 Iron Hair Straightener, though I've only had it for a few months and don't know how long it will last. I work as a professional hair stylist and this Rusk straightener works great for all hair types. I also really like the location of the on/off and heat settings, I never accidently bump them with my fingers while I am flat ironing. Rusk 1" Ceramic Str8 Iron Hair Straightener heats up very quickly and has a temperature guage so you don't need to keep it all the way up at 450 degrees if you have fine, thin, or damaged hair.I always use it paired with Redken Spray Starch for heat protection and it works great. I have a pink Rusk straightener and it is so adorable, I got it in a breast cancer set that came with a Rusk blowdryer.

Clearwater, FL


The Rusk CeramicStr8 Iron Hair Straightener is the best!


The Rusk straighteners are the best straighteners out there! They don't pull out your hair, make it frizzy or greasy looking! I would not buy any other brand unless Rusk went out of business, but that will definitely not happen. They also have shampoos, conditioners, and hair spray out in stores which also makes the hair feel amazing.

Barnum, IA


Amazing tool - Rusk products are the best!


I am a huge fan of Rusk because they provide consistently high quality products.  I currently have 2 of their ceramic Str8 Irons, this 1" model and a 1.5" model.  While the 1.5" straightens my hair faster, the 1" plates provide many more styling options, like curling the ends under or out and creating curls.  I have very long, very thick hair that tends to be kinky curly at my crown and in the back and to get frizzy and poofy.  Most flat irons just can't smooth out the kinks once my hair is dry, but this iron is perfect for smoothing and straightening!  I love the adjustable temperature settings, which allow me to use different temperatures for different parts of my hair to minimize damage while still getting the job done!  This flat iron is also very portable, taking up very little space in my overnight bag.  I love how it fastens shut so the hot ceramic plates aren't exposed, reducing the risk of burning or melting items that it's packed with.

Fort Myers, FL


Rusk 1" Ceramic Str8 Iron Hair Straightener

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