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Run Around LTD 11-KS190 Jogger Stroller - Red Gray

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I live in an area that has a lot of bumps and uneven sidewalks. The Run Around LTD is very durable and has a lot of miles and still works perfectly. My son is three and we still use it. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to keep running. The other benefit is that as you run with the stroller and a kid, it is additional weight to help you stay fit! Design Great design, very good on bumps and off road. Safety Just like any running stroller, it is important to keep a center of gravity so that it does not tip over, however, even if it does tip the belt and bar holds your child easily and snug inside. Child Comfort My son has fallen asleep many times in this stroller so I am assuming that it is comfortable. Maneuverability Handles very well. Durability My son is three and I have had it since he was a baby, still works! The frame is very well put together and the fabric is strong. The only portion that has had any issue the handle padding which has torn off from so much use.



Run Around LTD 11-KS190 Jogger Stroller - Red Gray

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