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Ruffles - Molten Hot Wings

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Lame lifeless Ruffles but at least there is ridges.


So Ruffles has this new flavor called molten hot wings. The only thing good about it is the name. Even Texas Pete hot sauce has more heat than these molten hot wings. I guess at the very least it had the Ruffles ridges to give it a good crunch but I could just buy plain Ruffles for that and not have to be disapointed when my so called molten hot wings had zero heat and pretty much zero flavor. Well other than the potato flavor of the chip itself. Molten not even close. Hot wing also not even close. I should have just got a bag of 3rd degree burn doritos instead of these lame excuse for a hot snack. I am not even going to bother with the ingredeints becuase who cares what is in ti if it tastes lame. One of these days I will stop trying everything that says hot or something like that so I can save myself a lot of disapointments since it is a very rare occassion that I find a hot snack that actuall has some hot to it. But of course for me it may be impossible to find a truly hot snack.

Suffolk, VA


Ruffles - Molten Hot Wings

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