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Ruffies Color Scents Kitchen Trash Bags

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Small, simple, and lightly scented for small trash cans.


I have been using Ruffies Color Scents (Vanilla) small trash bags for many years. I've never bought the Kitchen size (I assume they are larger). The ones I buy are for small trash cans where the trash doesn't weigh much. I'm not sure how well they would hold up with a lot of weight in them. But for the small trash cans, they are wonderful! They look nice...plain and simple cut lines. They smell great! They do the job...keep trash goo from getting in your trash can. I have on occasion had some of my small trash cans get packed with trash and the bag kinda split when trying to remove it from the can. I don't like the fact that they don't have some way to tie the top...it's just a rectangular bag...no ties, no strap. I just dump mine into a bigger trash bag when collecting from around the house. The price can't be beat for the number of bags you get in a roll. Oh, and they are packaged in a tight roll, which saves on space. They can also been found at any general store, which is convenient.




Great for diapers, and other garbage too!


I only receintly discovered Ruffies Color Scents trash bas but I think I will keep buying them. They are kind of small but fit into my smaller trash cans very well and come in pretty colors as well as nice scents. I use them in the bathroom and bedrooms. The scent is not too strong, just very nice. I have a little boy who is potty training now but still in diapers and sometimes you just have to throw the smelly diapers in the nearest trash can so I really like that these hide the oder until I can take the garbage out. They come with twist ties so you can fill them very full and Ruffies color scents are very durable, that is important when you have dirty diapers in them! They were a great price, they might have been on sale but they were the best deal in the store. I don't like spending a lot of money on things that are made to be thrown out but in the case of trash bags there is no other way. If you need them, you buy them. I will keep buying them even after my son is potty trained, I hope that is soon!


Ann Arbor, MI


Rufffles Color Scents Kitchen Trash Bags


There is really not very much positive I can say about these trash bags. I buy them occasionally when my brand of choice isn't readily available. When I first bought them, I thought the packaging was eye catching. I liked the various colors and the quantity of bags in each package. Sometimes, I like a light scent on trash bags for a fresh smell, but I don't like their fragrance. Overall, I don't find Ruffles to do the job they are meant to even though they look nice. The bags are very thin and don't safely hold very much garbage. There has been more than one occasion when I went to throw out my trash only to have the bag break leaving me to have to double bag. So, if you don't have much garbage and like their scent they'll probably be fine. As for myself, I have a child and pets. Unless I'm in a pinch and need them, I will not buy them nor would I recommend them for every day use. Since they are cheaper than many other brands, I would say in this instance you get what you pay for.


Little Falls, NJ


Ruffies color scents are the bomb!


I love Ruffies Color Scents Kitchen Trash Bags! They are awesome. I go out of my way to buy them. We get the Vanilla scented ones. I haven't tried any of the other scents... I would like to, but the stores around here that I've seen only carry the vanilla scented ones. That's alright though, cuz the vanilla ones are pretty awesome! Pros: super economical, they smell great when you open a new one up, they are a good size. Cons: Does anyone use the twist ties? I dont. They are hard to find, its also hard to find different scents... at least around here, they dont hold a ton, they aren't stretchy. Bottom Line: They are great! I recommend them to people. But, if you are looking for something heavy duty, then they are not what you need. They are just lightweight kitchen trash bags and they work great for my needs. Anyone that is around when i change the garbage liner always asks about them. They love the smell!


Ogden, UT


Ruffies are no bargain!


I was trying to cut costs when I bought these Ruffie trash bags that were the cheapest bags I could find, and you know what they say, you get what you pay for!  I would say a better name to describe them would be Rippies instead of Ruffies!This company has the nerve to call these Ruffies and even print "Sure Strength" on the package.  These don't have the strength of a wet paper towel!  They tear very easily, so you can't fill them too full without worrying about them splitting open. The plastic is thinner than any bag I have ever seen. The bags come in a tear off roll along with the twist ties. The bags come packaged in a clear plastic bag, that I have to say is stronger than the acutal trash bags!Now I do anything I can to save money, but this this is one product I wouldn't recommend to save money.  They have a satisfaction guarantee on the package so I brought them back and got my money back.


Swanton, OH


No leaks here


I bought these because they were the cheapest for the most amount of product and I was/am on a super type budget. Figured that I'd need to empty it ever couple of days, but i'm able to use the same bag all week and you generally dont smell the food (unless it's super hot summer days) and there are no leaks at the bottom of the can. I found that they are really good quality, especially for the price. You are not going to find such a superior bag for so cheap. I have only ever had one accident with them and it was my fault because i broke a hole in it when i got it caught on a sharp corner. I am always surprised when I pull the bag out of the bin and there is never anything down there even though there are often locks of juices in the bag. I also love the different sizes that they come in. I recommend these to anyone that is looking for a goos quality bag that doesn't break the bank. I even recommend the plain non-sceneted ones if that's your fancy.


Greensburg, PA


Ruffies are a great price!


Ruffies trash bags have been used in my home for several years.  I love the price, and I love the smell!  I like that they come in a roll rather than in a box, because it is much easier to unroll and tear off a bag than it is to get into a box and unroll.  Ruffies are not big thick bags that I would use for my messy kitcher trash can, but they are perfect for our home office trash and our laundry room.  It seems that a roll of Ruffies is nearly never ending, as they last for a really long time.  I have only tried one scent that I did not care for, and I knew I wouldn't like it, but it was the only scent that store had on that day that was the size I needed.  That is the only time I have not been happy with how long a package of Ruffies lasts!  I thought I would never use the last one.  But the good thing is that you can tell what it smells like before you buy it, so you aren't surprised by an unpleasant smell when you get home.  I like the colors that are offered as well.


College Grove, TN


they smell great


theses trash bags smell great and are convenient the only problem i have with them is they are not very big. if you increased there size and amount it holds these would be the best ones on the market.as it stands right now i have to use another brand that is larger but i still use these in my little cans in bathroom and next to my computer desk


La Grande, OR


they smell good!


I bought these for the first time about two weeks ago. I sat in the garbage bag aisle debating on which type of garbage bag to buy.  I'm pretty cheap, so I looked for the best deal. Since these are garbage bags and they're going to the landfill anyway, I couldn't justify purchasing Glad bags. These looked good. I saw that they were scented and got really excited! I didn't know that trash bags could come with scents! I chose a vanilla scented one.  I brought them home and put them under the sink.  As my husband was changing the bags since it was garbage day, he pulled out a new one.  Whoa! These smell good! he said.  He liked them. That's a win in my book! We do not have a huge load of garbage in my home, so we never worry about bags breaking. I'm not sure if these are heavy-duty or not since we have never used them for that purpose. We use them in out kitchen under the sink.  I really think the best thing about these are the price and the scent!


Charleston, SC


Not what they used to be


Used to love the 4 gallon bags for the waste baskets in the bathrooms.  Recently purchased a new pack and was very surprised at how very thin the bags are now, the quality has diminished substantially.  Will go back to using good ole plastic bags from the grocery stores.


Dundalk, MD


Ruffies Color Scents Kitchen Trash Bags

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