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Rubbermaid Pulse Floor Cleaning Tool

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Only so-so


When I purchased the Rubbermaid Pulse Floor Cleaning Tool, I had great expectations. I principally purchased it because it was supposed to be very effective on ceramic tile flooring, which is my problem area for cleaning. I thought that given it's price; I believe it is a little pricey, that it should deliver exemplary results. Much to my disappointment that has not been the case. I don't think it cleans any better than the less expensive similar type units. Another characteristic that I am not so thrilled about is that the cleaning tool is about 56 or 57 inches, So, not being a tall person myself, I find the length somewhat cumbersome. I also feel this adversely impacts its maneuverability. So, given that I have now used the product, I have to say that I would not purchase it again. Relative to durability, it does seem like it will last along time. So, it would seem that I have a resilient product that I don't like!

Sacramento, CA


Rubbermaid Pulse Floor Cleaning Tool

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