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Rubbermaid Homefree Series

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Rubbermaid Homefree Closet System is OK but not professional


I was excited about building out our closets. I mapped out what I wanted to do. The Rubbermaid Homefree series offers many different features and different sized shelving, which you can cut easily with a bolt-cutter if necessary. However, I was disappointed. The quality is good, but there are just some little things that caused the product to not live up to my expectations. The hardware is great, but they do not provide enough, so I ended up purchasing additional hardware packs which added to the cost. The rails are attached vertically to the closet walls so you can hang the shelves on them and the instructions state that you only have to secure them at the bottom, however this leaves the top of the rails able to shift left and right, which can make the shelves crooked. The shelving itself is "extendable" but only because they come with 2 different sizes, with one able to fit over the other. This means you can have a shelf at any length by simply overlapping them. In my opinion, that looks terrible and I opted to by a separate piece of shelving and just cut it to my required length. This posed another problem though because the shelving from the Homefree series has a 1" overhang and the other rubbermaid shelving that can be bought at longer lengths has a 2" overhang and thicker wire so it does not sit right on the shelf supports. These are not big issues, but for someone like me who wants the job to look professional and not just like a random mess of wire shelving it soured me on the product. When the shelving sits on the supports it can be secured from the back, so it does not shift forward or backward. However, there is not way to secure it so it does not shift from left to right! This makes the whole closet quite flimsy. These are all minor issues so the product is not that bad, but certainly overpriced and not for real home-improvement junkies.  

Brookfield, CT


Rubbermaid Homefree Series

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