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Royal Gardens
Royal Gardens Midnight Black Mulch

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Royal Gardens Midnight Black Mulch the best mulch I've tryed


Royal Gardens Midnight Black Mulch is the best mulch I have ever tried. I had never even seen Black Mulch before. We found it at our local discount store and decided to give it a try. The idea of black mulch is to help cut down on the weeds and grasses in our garden sounded unique. We were very pleased with its consistency once we opened it and started spreading it around the garden. It was all very well ground up with almost no big chunks. We spreed it around at about 2 and a half to 3 inches deep, as instructions suggested. It was really nice to work with and had little if any smell. Well it turned out great. The blackness of the mulch cut back on the weeds and grass grow-threw. There was no weeds and only a very few blades of grass. The grass was just a few spots around the sides and were quick to remove, The garden this year basically took care of it's self - No Weeding. We have been enjoying the vegetables with only having to water them for the most part. Its great not having to kill ones self just to have a decent garden. This has been our best year yet. Next year - Flowers, trees, shrubs and the vegetable garden will ALL get Royal Gardens Midnight Black Mulch.  

Anchorage, AK


Royal Gardens Midnight Black Mulch

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