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Royal Canin
Royal Canin Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend

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Great for dogs with allergies or sensitivities


I have two Yorkshire Terriers, one with a very sensitive stomach and allergies and the other who will eat just about anything and get sick later. Royal Canin is the only dog food brand that both of them will eat without making one of them sick later. This dog food keeps them full longer than other brands, which is good for managing their weight. The kibble size is well suited for smaller dogs like Yorkshire Terriers, too. The dogs love this, and whine for it at meal-time which they haven't done for any other brand. The smell is manageable, not incredibly smelly like some, but not the best either. Overall, this is a really great option for Yorkshire Terriers, especially those with sensitive stomachs.



The only dog food Lucy will touch!


My Yorkshire Terrier is a little over a year and when we first brought her home it was very difficult to get her to eat. Yorkies are extremely picky eaters and I was contantly changing her foods to see if I could get her to eat anything. When I brought this up to the vet they pointed me in the direction of this particular food specifically for Yorkshire Terriers! You would have thought I put a steak in front of Lucy the way the gobbled this food down! Her hair dresser even commented on her shiny and healthy coat which I give all credit to this dog food. Thanks Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend for making my mornings that much easier! I now do not have to stress if Lucy ate or not! This food is a bit on the expensive side but well worth it! I usually have to stock up because it doesn't stay on the shelves long!

Lancaster, NY


My Yorkie loves it!


I had never heard of the product before I got my yorkie 4 years ago. When I bought my yorkshire terriers as a puppy he came with the Royal Canin Puppy and she seemed to love it. Becuase Yorkishire Terriers are so picky I just keep him on it. When money got tight I went and bought a cheaper brand of dog food and he would not eat it. I have been through a lot of different dog food and he will not eat. I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought another bag of Royal Canin and he eat it like no ones business. I did notice that is helped his coat stay nice and shiney. I haven't noticed any reaction to this food. my cat will actually come and try to eat the dogs food which is very rare becuase the cat is very picky too and only like certain cat food. I'm guessing that this Royal Canin is very tasty as my Yorkshire Terrier can't seemt to get enough of it. I wish this Royal Canin wasn't so pricey or that you got more food for the money.

Ocala, FL


Royal Canin... royal food for a royal dog!


Anyone who's even remotely familiar with the Roayl Canin line can tell you that it's quite expensive. Many people will snub their noses up and refuse to buy it for this reason. I on the otherhand, know how wonderful of a product it is, so I don't mind that added cost. Sure, I could give my dogs a cheaper brand but I think of them as family. I wouldn't compromise what I feed my kids and I won't do it to my dogs either. I have 4 yorkies and each of them has fallen in love with this food. There have been times where I didn't have access to Royal Canin and was forced to give them a substitution so they didn't go hungry. They weren't happy about it and made it well known. They would sniff the bowl and walk away. I can't say that I blame them. I love that this dog food is breed specific. They've carefully taken into consideration what each breed's nutritional requirements are, and crafted a dog food that provides them with what's best.   I do wish it wasn't so expensive but it's a small price to pay for a happy and healthy yorkie.

Palmyra, VA


Royal Canin Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend needs better ingredients


Royal Canin Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend appeals to picky, small dogs like mine. I fed Royal Canin Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend to my two dogs and I admit it gave them absolutely beautiful coats. They enjoyed the food. However they also kept chewing at their paws and scratching all the time. They also scratched at their ears constantly. I found out that both dogs have a food allergy to the corn in the product. Many dogs have this food allergy. I did take them off Royal Canin Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend. I really wish that Royal Canin would put better ingredients in their dog food. My dogs liked this food but it was not worth watching them itch all the time. The food is very pricey where I live. I found that the holistic dog food what I switched too was lower in price than Royal Canin Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend. I like the idea of a breed specific dog food but I would like better ingredients for my pets. 



Royal Canin Royal Canin Yorkshire Blend

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