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Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin
Royal Canin Persian Dry Cat Food

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Kitty have a sensative tummy?


Royal Canin is made in the United States of America which is always a plus. Royal Canin makes many varities that are breed specific. This is specially designed for the Persian, Burmese, and Himalayan breeds but I have also found it to be quite beneficial to my Nebelung's sensitive stomach. I have also noticed a reduction in hairballs since we have had her on it. This is recommended for ages 1-10 so I suppose it is not recommended for kittens. They do make a wonderful kitten formula good for kittens of any type. You may want to check out their other breed specific line. Quality of Ingredients Only real meat, in this case, chicken is used in this product. Also contains natural anchovy oil. Plenty of Omega 6 to keep that shiny coat. Also has added vitamins D3 and B12. It has specialized nutrients stimulate beneficial bacteria and block harmful bacteria in sensitive digestive tract. Flavor Selection As far as I know, it only comes in this one variety which is chicken based but my cat loves it.

Columbus, OH


Royal Canin Persian Dry Cat Food

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