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Royal Canin
Royal Canin Indoor Cat Formula Dry

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Royal Canin Indoor Cat Formula Dry food is spectacular and you know that you are giving the cat the best they deserve. It is quite pricey, but if you have the money or want to give it to them every once in awhile its great too. Royal Canin has the best ingredients and their food is specific to each pet. This one is great for indoor cats and helps to keep hairballs to a minimum. It keeps their fur healthy, smooth and shiny. It is also softer on their digestive system and the ingredients are healthier than other foods, hence the higher price. My Persian cat loves the flavor and she is very picky. So when I find something she likes I add it to the list. A small amount goes a long way too and you usually don't need to give them as much as with other foods. This one is more filling. Quality of Ingredients The best! Flavor Selection My cat loves the flavor and she is a really picky eater. She is excited as soon as she smells this cat food and comes running to dig in.

Minneapolis, MN


Cats Love this Food!


We have four cats and they are all strictly indoor cats. We were looking for a higher quality food to feed them, and the vet recommended Royal Canin. I always like all of our cats to have dry food available to them whenever they want it. Two out of four of our cats are picky eaters, so I was hesitant to switch them to a new food. As soon as I started blending it into their food dishes, they absolutely loved it. They gave no trouble whatsoever eating it. In fact, they seem to love the flavor of it and can't get enough! The size of the pieces are great because they are not to large, even for our petite cat who tends to have trouble digesting dry food at times. I think I speak for all four of my cats when I say that they thoroughly enjoy this food. Quality of Ingredients Not the absolute highest quality of ingredients, but much better than store bought brands. Flavor Selection It doesn't seem to come in a variety of flavors, but our cats love the taste regardless.

Palm Bay, FL


Loves the food


My cat is not really picky,  But he tends to not digest his food very well.. There's no real explanation as to why, so I was advised to try different catfoods.  After trying 15+ brands and types I tried some of the Royal Canin products.  It doesn't completely alleviate my cat's issues, but it definitely works far better than any other food.  In addition my cat seems to enjoy this food over all the others.  One thing I've noticed about some of the Royal Canin brands is that the actual pieces of food are much smaller than their competitors, which could make them much easier to pass down the animal's throat.  The only serious issue with this cat food that i've come up with is somewhat obvious, this stuff is very expensive.  My advise would be to try it with your cat and see if it benefits him in whatever you're looking for.  If you decide on this cat food try and buy in the largest bulk possible to save on money.  Because it will hurt your wallet. 

Harrisburg, PA


my cat loves her food!!!


I have a 6 year old indoor-only cat, and I've been feeding her Royal Canin Indoor formula for about 4 years. Before I start feeding her royal canin, I've tried numorous kinds of cat food. And noticed how picky my cat is about certain cat foods... but she seems to like this the best. Infact, she loves it so much she start over eating her food and gained alot of weight. But thank god they have Light Formula available. And I guess it still taste as good, because my cat loves it. The only down sides are that, since my cat loves it so much, at times she eats her food too fast without chewing her food and it causes her to throw up, but it happens rarely. But ever since I fed her this food, she's never been sick, and always have firm stools. Now with restricted diet due to her weight problem, she still is a bit heavier, but she's a healty and happy cat:)

Strongsville, OH


Royal Canin saves time, money and is better for your cat.


Royal Canin indoor cat food is must around this house not only do my cats love it but so do I. I've been a  cat owner for well over 20 years and I've tried every food under the sun. Friskies, Purina, etc... but had never tried this one. I adopted two beautiful boys from a cat shelter. They had been abused and abandoned. A wonderful lady found the boys and nursed them back to health. They had been started on this food so I continued with it, not wanting to add to thier stress level. It's a bit pricey and I thought very hard about changing it until I noticed something.... My cats didn't seem to eat as much as my previous cats and the cat box wasn't "used" as frequently either. I did a little research as well as speaking with the "cat lady" who rescued my cats, what I found out was that this food has less fillers and is more nutritious so the cats don't have to eat as much of it to get the proper nutition they need. Therefore the trips to the box are less frequent which , needless to say, is also plus for me. It saves on cleanings, cat litter and there is less odor so the box is not as noticeable. So the bottom line is that this food goes further, is better for them, it creates fewer stools and saves on litter consumption and cleanings. If you have a cat you really need to give this food a try it's a better value all the way around.

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA


Royal Canin Indoor Cat Formula Dry

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