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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Royal Bagged Upright Vacuum

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great vacuum for large uncluttered expanses


Ahh, the quest for the ultimate vacuum.  It is as elusive as the holy grail. My wife's passion is a tidy, immaculate house and anything that might help achieve this must be bought and tried out (this vacuum being one of several we currently have in the house). It really is a terrific vacuum and does the job well. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a behemoth that was terribly unwieldy to manage by my petite wife and so I am left to do the vacuuming, indefinitely.On the plus side, this then makes me the most qualified to review it of the two. Of all the vacuums we have had through the years this one handles the best (especially for it's size). For being such a monster it is remarkably easy to handle and there really is no pushing involved as it almost seems to push itself. Corners and under sofas of course are an impossibility and require the use of attachments but as a whole (and only if you don't have stairs) this will prove to be a good buy. Do not, under any circumstances, purchase if you have stairs. it is too heavy and bulky to even attempt traveling up, much less vacuuming, with the beast. You have been warned.

Portland, OR


Royal Bagged Upright Vacuum

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