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Rowenta Pro Compact Garment Steamer

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Very good quality- does a great job steaming my clothes!


I confess.  I bought the Rowenta Pro Compact Garment Steamer without doing much shopping around or research! *Gasp!*  I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and decided to start looking for steamers.  This was the nicest mid-sized one they had on display in comparison with Con-air and a few other lesser-known brands.  It just so happened they were offering a rebate and sale that week so I got it for a good deal. The Rowenta Pro Compact Garment Steamer works well, although it takes a while to really get all the wrinkles from your clothes.  My clothes were so crisp and beautiful when I was done.  I actually didn't want to stop and was trying to find more clothes to steam.  I steamed about 25 garments before the water ran out- it has a large water reservior. The only thing that scared me was a gurgling noise the water in the hose started to make when I was halfway through with the steaming, but after reading the directions, I found out it was condensation in the hose and that happens often. All in all, the Rowenta Pro Compact Garment Steamer beats ironing any day and makes your clothes look so much better too!

Los Angeles, CA


Rowenta Steamer beats dry cleaning!


I got the Rowenta Pro Compact Garment Steamer for Christmas and have been able to use it quite a few times since then. It works pretty well at getting out the wrinkles, although it wasn't as fast as I thought it would be. I found that I have to pull the clothes taut and make sure I'm steaming against a surface that can't be damaged. It heats up in 2.5 minutes, so you do not have to wait too long before starting. It is easy to carry and the water reservoir holds quite a bit of water. You don't have to keep refilling it while you're steaming the clothes. I have found that when I use the steamer for awhile there are times when the steam stops coming out and I have to wait a few seconds before steaming again. It's not a big deal, but the claim on the box says "continuous steam," and I have found that it's not always continuous. One thing to be careful of is tipping the cannister over if you have it on the floor or having water bounce out if you jostle it while carrying it. It is extremely hot. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but I got burned through my jeans after a little water splashed out.

Seaside, CA


Steaming is so much easier than ironing!


I have curtains and drapes everywhere and with pets, it's important to me to clean them often to control dander in the house.  I HATE ironing.  And really hate ironing curtains and drapes!  So I purchased the Rowenta Steamer really with the goal of using it primarily on my curtains and drapes!  It has made the chore so much easier that before.  I can launder everything and rehang it.  Then just hook up the steamer and freshen up the curtains while on the rod!  If one of the cats moves a drape and it gets a wrinkle- I just steam it out and it's good as new.  Of course the other bonus is that I can use this on clothing now as well.  It's just made everything so much easier.  Last year hours before prom, my daughter discovered a few big, ugly creases had appeared on the skirt of her gown.  She was distraught in that way only a teenage girl can be!  But no problem.  Mom had those creases out in minutes with the Rowenta steamer!  Just be sure it's fully heated up before using or you may get some droplets of water first.

Schaumburg, IL


Rowenta Pro Compact Garment Steamer

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