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Rowenta Iron with Auto Shut-off

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I would buy this product again!!


I can now not worry about having to rewash clothes I have left in the clean clothes basket. I cannot get the wrinkles out of my husbands pants, now I can iron with confidence that he will have work pants the next day!!!

Rio Rancho, New Mexico


Great Iron with Nice Features


I'm no iron aficionado, but I really like my iron. First of all, it has a retractable cord which works great. I love that about it, especially since it's stored in my linen closet. I don't have to worry about it getting caught around other objects and pulling them out when I'm taking out my iron. The steam button works great, and I can definitely tell a difference in the heat of the settings. It also heats up quickly, but also turns off within a few minutes if it's sitting up and not being used. I like that so I don't have to worry about burning my house down! I wish the sole plate cooled down more quickly though; I keep it out for a few hours just to make sure it's cold before I put it back. Performance It works quickly and efficiently; I rarely have to go over the same spot twice. Safety The auto-shutoff works after only a few minutes of idleness, which makes me feel safer in case I forget about it. Ease of Cleaning I got some chalky residue on the sole plate one time, and I had to work pretty hard to get it off. For awhile I thought I'd have to buy a new iron, but I was finally able to remove it. Ease of Use Not too heavy, but still beefy enough that I feel I'm getting the job done. Durability I have this iron for 4 years and it's still going strong! Design Great design, especially love the retractable cord feature. It makes my life easier not having to worry about a stray cord.

Portland, OR


Rowenta DZ1900 One Pass Ironing get wrinkles the first time!


Rowenta irons are known for getting their wrinkles on the first pass!  The iron is heavy enough to get the wrinkle out the first time but not too heavy for comfort.  I have MS and fibromyalgia and I don't have any trouble using this iron.  Unbeatable for shirt collars and button plackets. This is my second Rowenta iron.  I gave the older one to my daughter because I couldn't stand watching her fight with wrinkles any longer!  She wears button downs with her business suits and would iron a shirt for 10 minutes, give it a grade of "D" and be extremely frustrated.  I told her repeatedly it was the iron, not her ability to iron.  "Oh Mom, an iron's an iron" she would say so I finally just brought her mine.  One shirt does a convert make!  I donated her "other" brand  and bought another Rowenta for myself.  I've probably tried them all over the years and no other brand comes close to Rowenta in my opinion. There is no overflow after filling the water reservoir as there is with most steam irons.  After filling, the garment doesn't get soaked when you tilt the iron down to begin to begin ironing. The automatic shut off works almost too well.  If I get sidetracked when I take clothes to the closet, the iron is off when I return.  Not to worry though, it heats up almost instantly, yet another feature I LOVE! You're gonna love this one!!    

Macon, GA


Rowenta Iron with Auto Shut-off

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