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Rowenta Garment Steamer

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Rowenta Garment Steamer Review


Ironing is such a hassle for me so I love my Rowenta Garment steamer. Makes getting the wrinkles out of my clothes so easy. I own a lot of delicate blouses and some with sequence and studs so there is no way I can use a regular iron on them. My steamer easily removes the wrinkles out of them without burning the fabric. So easy to use just fill up the bucket and wait for the steam to come out. Beware that the steam is very hot. But otherwise it is a great product and I don't know what I would do without it. Performance Steams my wrinkly clothes within minutes. Safety I would recommend being very careful where your hand goes because I have burned myself on the steaming holding the garments tight while steaming. You also have to be careful when place the handle. You don't want the steam facing anywhere that people might pass by because it is very hot. The handle also gets hot but not unbearably hot. You can hold it without a problem. Ease of Cleaning I've never had to clean the machine. It never gets clogged. Ease of Use Extremely easy to use. Just fill the bucket with water, turn on the machine and the team instantly comes out. Durability The steamer is made out of plastic but it doesn't feel flimsy. The back wheels glide easily from my room to the closet I store it in. The metal rod makes the steamer feel very durable. Design Designed like most steamers though the only flaw would be that it doesn't come with an attached hanger with clips like many other steamers do. It just has a hook for you to hang your own hanger while you steam your clothes.


Miami, FL


Rowenta makes a great Garment Steamer


This is the second **Rowenta Garment Steamer GS6010 **that I've owned.  I really like the quality of this one.  I've tried some of the other brands, but their hoses didn't hold up, or the steam didn't get hot enough.  The only problem I've found with this one (thus the reason this is the second one) and it's probably partially my fault, is that it got so much hard water deposits and scale down inside that the heating element stops heating properly. I finally got the book out and read what I did wrong.  Water from the tank goes down inside around the heating element and about once a month instead of just emptying the tank, you actually need to pick the unit up and turn it upside down to empty the residual water that is left inside to keep the scale from getting to heavy.  That's kind of a pain. Rowenta you need to come up with an easier way! Other than that it is the best steamer I've used so far.  It is made to be durable.  The hose is much better than those cheap plastic ones.  It is a little more expensive but I think it's worth the extra money as long as you remember to descale it!


Bowling Green, KY


Rowenta Garment Steamer

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