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Rowenta Focus Stainless-Steel 1700-Watt Iron

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I love my Rowenta iron


I have owned my Rowenta iron for over a year now and use it at least two to three times a week.  I love how hot the iron gets and can get rid of tough wrinkles quickly.  I was using a less expensive brand before that would bearly get wrinkles out of silk on its highest setting.  My husbands tough work pants are a breeze to iron out now and take a couple of minutes rather than 15 minutes to finish.  I also like that it had multiple heat settings to choose from and it knows when steam is required and not required.  I also like that it comes with a self clean function.  I've had experience from previous Rowenta irons that after several uses you will get a burst of steam that gets junk all over your clothes and you have to rewash them.  With the self cleaning function you can clean it every so often and not worry about getting stuff all over the clothes your ironing.  It also has buttons on the top for extra steam and water spray.

Ringgold, GA


Worthwhile Iron


I've owned the Rowenta DZ5065 Focus iron for more than three years and have used it primarily for pressing clothes and ironing sewing projects.  I have been pleased with its features and performance.  The iron has enough weight to it that it feels substantial and presses out wrinkles.  I like that you can iron with steam (there is an auto setting that works well) or on a dry setting.  There is also a button to spritz water in front of the iron. An additional setting on this iron is a self clean.  I'm not familiar with a lot of other irons, but have never seen this option before.  I've used it a few times and it is very affective.  This iron will turn off after a period of time, which is great for your peace of mind.  If you intend to continue using it, it easily heats back up if you move it. I really only have one complaint about this iron: the dial location.  The dial to adjust the temperature is on the iron under the handle, so I am frequently bumping the dial (and therefore inadvertently adjusting the temperature) with my hand when I grasp the handle.  Other than this complaint I think it is a wonderful, high quality iron.

Greer, SC


I love my Rowenta and wouldn't use any other!


I exchanged a different model of Rowenta for this one when the previous one broke and was discontinued. I have been truly satisfied with this iron. It has held up well to all its use. I iron everything-baby clothes, sheets, pants, t-shirts, skirts, boxers, you name it. The steam button on this model offers a great burst of steam to get rid of unwanted wrinkles quickly. I also love how heavy it is as it helps to press the wrinkles out. Ironing with a Rowenta makes ironing much more efficient than ironing with a different brand. There is no other brand I would choose to use. Despite the cost of this iron, it is well worth it. I consider myself a bargain hunter, but I also know a good product when I see one. This one is definitely worth it. As a busy mom, it saves me lots of time and energy. I would highly recommend this model and would purchase it again without any hesitation. Happy ironing!

Onalaska, WI


Great iron, but didn't last long


I really liked this iron. It worked great, got hot in seconds and knocked those wrinkles out in no time.  However, after about a year it just stopped getting hot. After sitting for about 3 weeks, I decided to plug it back in and it heated right up. Not sure if there is a short in the cord, but I hate to replace it with another one and have it happen again, especially since this was not a cheap iron.  I need a good realiable iron!!!

Canton, MI


Heavy and well-made...Rowenta Iron


I needed a new iron, so I began to research. After reading about the Rowenta on other mom's blogs, I decided to go with th**e DZ5065 Focus Stainless-Steel 1700-Watt Iron**! I like my iron...and Iove that it's pink! I think this iron was a special release for breast cancer awareness a few years ago. Anyway, the Rowenta is heavy and well-made. And the steam is unbelievable. I also love the fact that I can use it vertically, and that has been a wonderful option as I often need to steam wrinkles from my pastor husband's suits. My daughter sews a good bit, and she really like the narrow point on the top of the iron for pleats, creases, etc. I also like the point because it goes between buttons on our shirts so easily when I iron! I also like the fact that my iron doesn't require a certain 'kind' of water. I just use plain old tap water, and that has worked fine. I do have a little bit of leaking every so often, but not enough to be troublesome. The only problem I've had was with the swivel cord. For some reason, after a while the swivel cord caused some sort of shortage inside the iron with a wire and it didn't want to stay on all the time. However, my husband easily fixed the problem. Overall, the Rowenta has worked well for me despite a tiny bit of 'technical' difficulty. Would I buy another one? Probably. Because I like the durability of the heavy iron plate and many of the extra features I find helpful for me and my family. I really do think it's well made, and some of the problems I've had could be due to the fact that in a house with eight people, it's used way more than average! Overall, I like this iron a lot.

Fitzgerald, GA


Rowenta Focus Stainless-Steel 1700-Watt Iron

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